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Tuesday, October 25th, 2011
New items today at Firebox
Cosmic Creatures Puzzle
Cosmic Creatures Puzzle £9.99
Torment your brain and while away endless hours as you attempt to solve the 107 challenges contained within this pocket-sized puzzle. Just arrange the coloured shapes exactly as they appear in the accompanying booklet. Sounds easy. It’s not. Aargh!
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Tuesday, October 25th, 2011
New product today at Firebox
Wild Hibiscus Flowers (2 Jar Offer)
Wild Hibiscus Flowers (2 Jar Offer) £18.99
Plop one of these syrupy buds into a glass of something fizzy and watch in amazement as the bubbles cause it to blossom into a gorgeous edible flower that tastes like rhubarb and raspberry. Flower power? Absolutely.
Tuesday, October 25th, 2011
New item at Firebox
Remote Control Illuminated Moon
Remote Control Illuminated Moon £24.99
Mount this authentic moonscape on your wall. It’s programmed to cycle through the phases at exactly the same speed as the real moon.
Tuesday, October 25th, 2011
New product at Firebox
Segway Rally Experience for Two
Segway Rally Experience for Two £49.50
Go head to head with your friend – or watch mum and Dad battle it out – on a custom-built Segway rally course.
Tuesday, October 25th, 2011
Firebox has this new item today
11 - The Beautiful Game Luxury Table Football
11 - The Beautiful Game Luxury Table Football £45000.00
Taking table football to unparalleled levels of luxury, this stunningly contemporary, handcrafted football table is so stylish it’s virtually a playable art installation. Featuring sweeping curves, state of the art lighting/scoring and chromed metal players it’s the Pele of table football. Sheer class.
Tuesday, October 25th, 2011 reduced the price on this item today
Message in a Bottle
Message in a Bottle was £19.90, Now only £14.90
Message In A Bottle The Message In A Bottle is a discrete yet dynamic gift that enables you to castaway your fears on rejection or embarrassment and dig up those feelings and thoughts you’ve never been able to put into words! We’re sending out an s.o.s for you to get this remarkably rare and sought after gift! By the power vested in the treasure chested Message In A Bottle, you’ll marvel at the response it delivers! So don’t be a cliché with flowers and cards – go the extra yard with Message In A Bottle!
Tuesday, October 25th, 2011 has this new product today
Wheelie Bin Desk Tidy
Wheelie Bin Desk Tidy £5.99
Wheelie Bin Desk Tidy Add a touch of 'Council Chic' to your work area with our handy Wheelie Bin Desk Tidies! Perfect desk accessories for office and home, have your Wheelie Bin as a pen pot, desk storage, unique jewellery box and much much more! After some wheelie, wheelie amazing novelty gifts and office desk accessories? This Wheelie Bin Desk Tidy is fab for pencil shavings and "lunch at your desk" leftovers. Not only that, they get emptied as often as their larger counterparts! Or more precisely, only when you can be bothered to do it yourself... With proper working wheels and a flip top lid, you can pretend, if you really want to, that you are a real live refuse collector with our awesome desk tidies! Find Me a Gift... Fulfilling life long desires and inevitable career changes since 2000! Key Product Features: The Mini Wheelie Bin Desk Tidy is a handy desk accessory in the shape of a miniature green wheelie bin!, Working wheels and flip top lid to keep miniature foxes out, Ideal pencil pots and storage for little things like batteries!, It measures approx 13.5 cm x 9.5 cm x 8 cm,
Tuesday, October 25th, 2011 just added this new item
Personalised Cat Bowls
Personalised Cat Bowls £11.99
Personalised Cat Bowls Spoil your top cats and princess pussy's to some cute cat gifts with one of these gorgeous Personalised Cat Bowls! These white ceramic cat bowls are available in either a pretty Pink or Blue Fishbone & Paw-print design (please choose the colour-way from the box above). But what makes these ceramic cat bowls a class ahead of your average cat dish, is that you can have your Kitties name printed on the front. You can then choose to have your moggies name followed by either Food or Water. To complete their gorgeousness, they also have the word ‘Meooww!’ as standard. So, will you choose to spoil your lovable pal to an awesome cat food bowl or a fabulous new water bowl? Well, if you can’t decide, then why not simply go for it and buy two – one that says Food and one that says Water – they’ll think all their Birthdays and Christmases’ will have come at once! Key Product Features: White ceramic cat bowl is available with either a Pink or Blue Fishbone & Paw-print design, Personalise the front of the bowl with cats name up to 15 characters, including spacing/apostrophes, Features the wording 'Meooww!' as standard. Also choose whether it has Food or Water printed after your personalisation too! , Measures approx 17 cm x 17 cm x 4 cm, Dishwasher safe,
Tuesday, October 25th, 2011
Price reduction at I want one of those
The X Files - Complete DVD Collection [60DVD]
The X Files - Complete DVD Collection [60DVD] was £120.99, Now only £63.99
The X-Files is quite simply a worldwide phenomenon. It became much more than a popular television show. This entity this excitement that is The X-Files exploded beyond mere media to become a part of our culture. As more and more fans felt the need to connect and talk about the show huge conventions began to be held on a yearly basis all over the world. The show spawned a theatrical movie best-selling novels comic books interactive games and gave birth to an immense online community. Fans just couldn't get enough. The show quite literally took on a life of its own. In essence it became its own otherworldly experience. Now in this amazing collection you can relive that excitement with all nine seasons of The X-Files plus the theatrical movie that aired between Season Five and Season Six. Relive FBI Agent Fox Mulder?s desperate search for the truth ever since witnessing the alien abduction of his sister when he was a young boy. Follow Agent Dana Scully as she makes the incredible journey from sceptic to believer as she and Mulder encounter growing proof in the existence of extraterrestrials and an undeniable government conspiracy to cover up that truth. Then join Agent John Doggett and Agent Monica Reyes as they too become believers while delving deeper and deeper into the unsolved FBI cases that make up the X-Files.
Tuesday, October 25th, 2011
Price cut on this product at I want one of those
Avatar: Extended Collector's Edition
Avatar: Extended Collector's Edition was £22.99, Now only £17.99
Experience the spectacular world of James Cameron’s AVATAR as never before with this all-new Collector’s Edition release. Watch the extended version of the film then treat your senses to an unprecedented beyond-the-scenes look at the greatest adventure of all time. Loaded 3 discs Contains 3 versions of the film including all new 3 hour Extended Cut of the film (additional 15mins on previous release) Plus 8 hours of never-before-seen special features (4 hours only available on Blu-ray!) including; Capturing Avatar: An in-depth feature length documentary covering the 16 year filmmaker journey including all new interviews with James Cameron Jon Landau cast and crew With 45mins of deleted scenes Interactive Scene Deconstruction: explore various stages of production through   3 different viewing modes 17 Featurettes covering the Performance Capture Scoring 3D Fusion Camera Stunts and more The Art of Avatar with over 1700 images and much more! Overall an 11 hour viewing experience! Perfect gift for the Ultimate Avatar Fan this Christmas