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by Liz - December 23rd, 2015.
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Gelicity Spa
Gelicity Spa £9.99
Gelicity Spa The Gelicity Spa Jelly Bath enables you to turn your dull old bath time into a blissful luxurious therapeutic spa! Immerse yourself or share the warm delights with your partner - once you slip your foot into the Gelicity Spa Jelly Bath then slowly lower yourself in, you’ll instantly feel the thousands of tiny beads rolling over your body lulling you into a gentle and exceptionally relaxing state of wellbeing! By simply adding the powder sachet to your bath water and giving it a good swish around, you’ll have a gorgeously fragrant and wonderfully aromatic gel-like bath in which the powerful scents of Lavendar, Jasmine & Bergamot will awaken you so that you leave the bath feeling rejuvenated and revived! Ideal to soothe aching muscles and joints or to simply chill out, the surreal Gelicity Spa Jelly Bath is an experience not to be forgotten! Once you’re done simply add the dissolver sachet and drain as usual! Magic! About the Gelicity Spa The Gelicity Spa Jelly Bath is a wonderful invention that turns your normal bath into a luxurious therapeutic spa-like experience! The Gelicity Spa Jelly Bath comes in the form of a coloured sand-like powder - you simply sprinkle the entire packet into the bath and watch as it turns into gel instantly! The Gelicity Spa Jelly Bath’s specialist gel contains the essential aromatherapy oils - Lavendar, Jasmine & Bergamot! The Gelicity Spa Jelly Bath retains your bath water heat for 3 x longer than normal! The Gelicity Spa Jelly Bath soothes skin, opens and cleanses pores and relieves aching muscles and joints! The Gelicity Spa Jelly Bath also comes with a packet of Gelicity Spa Jelly Bath Dissolver which you add to the gel to transform it back into water! The Gelicity Spa Jelly Bath will not stain you, your carpets, towels or bath! The Gelicity Spa Jelly Bath contains enough mixture for 1 x Gelicity Spa Jelly Bath The Gelicity Spa Jelly Bath should be dissolved using the special Gelicity Spa Jelly Bath dissolver and then rinsed down the plug hole The Gelicity Spa Jelly Bath should not ever be thrown onto the grass to dissolve as it is extremely slippery and may become very dangerous THE GELICITY SPA JELLY BATH SHOULD NEVER BE EATEN!!! The Gelicity Spa Jelly Bath comes in a pack which measures approximately 21 cm x 10 cm x 10 cm The Gelicity Spa Jelly Bath is suitable for Valentines baths for two, Mothers day baths, frustrating Friday baths - whenever, wherever! It may sound like something off the shopping channel, but do not be fooled - the Gelicity Spa Jelly Bath Box is an exclusive and truly exceptional experience that really pulls the plug on what passes for a relaxing bath! Love to take baths but hate when the water goes cold? Because with the Gelicity Spa Jelly Bath, your gel bath will retain its toasty temperature for at least 3 times the normal duration! That’s like 3 baths in one! As well as being amazingly satisfying spiritually, the glorious Gelicity Spa Jelly Bath includes a whole heap of benefits physically too! Wave goodbye to straining muscular aches and pains and look forward to silkier smoother softer skin - the Gelicity Spa Jelly Bath delivers a delightfully pleasurable bathing experience every time! Fancy the thought of experiencing something truly unique and immeasurably satisfying this Valentine’s Day? Why not treat yourself and your lover to a Gelicity Spa Jelly Bath! Once both immersed, you’ll be able to smooth the soft fragrant gel over each other’s bodies whilst gazing adoringly into each other’s eyes! Or what about snapping up a Gelicity Spa Jelly Bath in preparation for Mother’s Day? We can’t think of a single mother on Earth that’d pass up an opportunity to soak out all her stresses and strains in this exceptionally relaxing DIY spa kit! Whoever you purchase for, we can guarantee the cosiest, most tranquil, gratifying experience from the Gelicity Spa Jelly Bath - they’ll be walking on water! What’s in the Gelicity Spa Box? 1 x Gelicity Spa Jelly Bath Gel Former Pack 1 x Gelicity Spa Jelly Bath Dissolver Pack If you’re a fan of Gelicity Spa Jelly Bath, why not check out the fabulous kids edition - Gelli Baff - Jelly Bath by clicking over to Related Products to explore more! Why You Should Buy From Us! 30 day money-back guarantee Low-price guarantee Loyalty points discount off future orders Huge range of unique gift ideas for all occasions Excellent customer service Next day delivery available Gelicity Spa
Potty Putter - Toilet Golf Game
Potty Putter - Toilet Golf Game £9.99
Potty Putter - Toilet Golf Game Toilet Golf is an amusing putting game for the smallest room. Some read the newspaper, others stare into space, well now you can enjoy a few holes whilst you have some time to yourself! Practice your putting with the mini putter and get the ball into the cup. There's even a Do Not Disturb sign that warns others of the game in progress. You don't have to use it in the toilet of course, you can just set up a friendly putting contest in any room of the house! Key Product Features: Fun game that allows you to practice your putt whilst taking a toilet break , Includes green putting mat, plastic putter, cup & flag, 2 balls and a 'Do Not Disturb' door hanger, Set it up in the bathroom, or in front of a sofa chair - wherever you like!,
Joseph Joseph Measuring Cups - Nest of 8
Joseph Joseph Measuring Cups - Nest of 8 £9.99
Joseph Joseph Measuring Cups - Nest of 8 The Joseph Joseph Nest of 8 Measuring Cups makes a brilliant kitchen gift. This chic set of multicoloured measuring cups have been cleverly designed to stack together neatly for convenient storage. And, they range from a 250 ml cup size and go down to a quarter of a teaspoon! So, are you confused by a recipe that mentions cup sizes? Maybe you are just looking for an easier way to measure out your baking ingredients? If so, this nest of Measuring Cups could be just what you need! They’re even dishwasher safe, just like all Joseph Joseph kitchenware. Key Product Features: Multicoloured set of measuring cups which stylishly stack together, Includes 1 cup, 1/2 cup, 1/3, 1/4 cup, tbp, tsp, 1/2 tsp and 1/4 tsp , Dishwasher safe, Cups come in boxed packaging, Measures approx 17 cm x 9 cm x 5.5 cm,
Inflatable Zimmer Frame
Inflatable Zimmer Frame £8.99
Inflatable Zimmer Frame Fed up of lugging around that heavy zimmer frame? Introducing the Inflatable Zimmer Frame! Your very own lightweight, collapsible walking frame, ideal fathers day gifts for Dads with an off-beat sense of humour, or alternatively as novelty gifts to make the 'grim youth of today' give up their seat for you on the bus. An ideal fancy dress accessory for an old man costume simply deflate and put the Inflatable Zimmer Frame in your bag when not in use! A hilarious novelty gift for Fathers Day or a colleague's retirement, or a cheeky xmas gift for Dad, treat yourself to an Inflatable Zimmer Frame and watch your world slow down. Grandad going on holiday abroad? Give him an Inflatable Zimmer Frame for the pool! This zimmer Frame will bring out the whinging old man you've always wanted to let out.     This handy Inflatable Zimmer Frame is unpractical, fantastically fun and a great addition to your Christmas Stockings! What's in the Inflatable Zimmer Frame pack? 1 x Inflatable Zimmer Frame   Key Product Features: The Inflatable Zimmer an Inflatable Zimmer Frame, Ideal for fancy dress costumes and gag gifts!, Measures approx 90 cm x 90 cm x 90 cm, Great fancy dress gifts for ages 16 to 160!,
Unicorn Cake Sprinkles Shaker
Unicorn Cake Sprinkles Shaker £7.99
Unicorn Cake Sprinkles Shaker Introducing the Unicorn Sprinkler Shaker! Decorating your cupcakes and tray bakes has never been so magical. Use this legendary creature-turn-practical receptacle to dust your sweet treats with sparkle and glitz for an instant dazzling effect. Simply fill this marvelous creature with delicious goodies and then dust any delicious treat to your hearts content. This is the perfect gift for any budding baker or cake creator. The Unicorn Sprinkler Shaker is a mythical fantasy turned into an edible reality that no one will be able to resist. Mary Berry would be proud! Key Product Features: Rainbow coloured unicorn shaker, A cute way to decorate cupcakes, Can also be used as a topper for large cakes, Not suitable for children under 3yrs, .,
Sound Effects Machine
Sound Effects Machine £6.99
Comedy Sound Effects Machine This funny sound effects box has 16 comedy sound effects to play with, such as applause, boos, breaking glass, gunshot and ka-ching sound and more! If you're in the office or with friends and someone says something funny or silly, you can be on hand to add the relevant sound effects! The unit measures about 6 cm x 10 cm x 2 cm and can be a real ice-breaker at parties! Key Product Features: Gives you 16 comedy sound effects to play with!, Includes sounds effects such as applause, boos, breaking glass, gunshot and ka-ching sound and more, Measures approx 6 cm x 10 cm x 2 cm, Takes 3 x AG13 LR44 (included), Lets you add some impromptu slapstick to any situation! ,
Rufus the Dog Bottle Stopper
Rufus the Dog Bottle Stopper £6.99
Rufus the Dog Bottle Stopper If you’re barking mad about dogs and you also like a drop of wine, get your paws on this fabulous Rufus the Dog Wine Bottle Stopper! It makes a quirky gift for wine and dog lovers alike, and you might say it is a right little corker! When you can’t finish that bottle of vino, just place the stumpy end into the top of the bottle. This cute bottle cork keeps your wine fresh, and looks like his head is stuck in the bottle! So to keep wine fresh, give a home to Rufus the Dog Bottle Stopper -he'll be your friend for life! Key Product Features: Half white porcelain dog and half bottle cork, Perfect for wine bottles, Will make it look as though a dog has got his head stuck in the bottle, Measures approx 8 cm x 6 cm x 3 cm, Fun way to help keep bottles of wine fresh!,
Royaltea - Royal Family Tea Bags
Royaltea - Royal Family Tea Bags £6.99
Royaltea - Royal Family Tea Bags Royaltea is a novelty set of teabags with a little added British je ne sais quoi and it makes a royally brilliant gift for the home! Making your tea cup look like a mini hot tub, your royal brew buddy will hold onto the side of your cup whilst the Assam tea works its magic. Clever patriotic gifts for men and women, you can use this novelty tea as a topical Jubilee gift. We may see Prince Philip as the one always getting himself into hot water, but he isn't in this set so it's up to the rest of them to cause a storm in a teacup! Key Product Features: Royaltea is a pack of 5 hilarious Royal Family tea bags!, can be anchored to the side of your cup, They measure approx 11 cm x 17.5 cm each, Classic tea blend with Assam,
Chef Hat - Naked Chef
Chef Hat - Naked Chef £6.99
Chef Hat - Naked Chef The Naked Chef hat is a brilliant gift for cooks who like to show off their skills in the kitchen! This white fabric chef’s hat has the words NAKED CHEF printed in blue on the front and ‘Will Strip For £5 [Will Keep Clothes On For £10]’ printed in orange! It’s one size fits all, and fastens using Velcro, so it should fit the most big headed chefs! This fabulous Naked Chefs Hat is a funny gift idea for those who like to cook in the nude! And for those whose cooking skills reach only as far as shoving a tray in the microwave, the Naked Chef hat will have them feeling like Gordon Ramsey in no time. If you need to find gifts for chefs, then why not choose the Naked Chef Hat? Or perhaps you’ve got your eye on someone who you'd prefer to see au naturale? If so, make sure you give one of these this Christmas and have a fiver ready in your pocket. Then again, depending on who ends up wearing it, you may need to make sure you have a spare tenner ready as well! Key Product Features: White fabric chefs hat. 65% polyester, 35% cotton, Has NAKED CHEF in blue print, followed by Will Strip For £5 [Will Keep Clothes On For £10] in orange, One size. Has Velcro fastening, so should fit most adult heads, Machine washable. Can be tumble dried, Fun gifts for cooks with a sense of humour!,