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by Liz - December 24th, 2015.
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Mermaid Magic Fizz and Surprise
Mermaid Magic Fizz and Surprise was £3.99, Now only £3.49
Mermaid Magic Fizz & Surprise The Mermaid Magic Fizz & Surprise gift is a marvellous magical mermaid toy concealed cleverly in a lovely little colourful clam-shell! Your little ones will just love discovering their new fabulous mermaid friend inside and watch in amazement as her clam-shell home fizzes and dissolves before leaving her in the water to be picked out and played with! As if having a mini mermaid toy to entertain you isn’t cool enough, the lovely little sea-creature inside the Mermaid Magic Fizz & Surprise has a terrific tail that changes colour when it’s dipped from warm water into cold water! With twelve gorgeous magic mermaids to collect, each with her own special magic points scheme, the magnificent Mermaid Magic Fizz & Surprise gift is a splashing good product that’ll make your little sea monsters smile! About The Mermaid Magic Fizz & Surprise The Mermaid Magic Fizz & Surprise gift is a wonderfully exciting and fun toy for little ones to discover! The Mermaid Magic Fizz & Surprise gift requires you to place the lively coloured clam-shell in warm water and watch as it dissolves and fizzes magically, revealing a beautiful glistening little mermaid toy! The Mermaid Magic Fizz & Surprise gift features a wonderful little mermaid which magically changes her tail colour when you dip her from warm water into cold water! There are 12 fabulous Mermaid Magic Fizz & Surprise gifts to collect, each with their own magical points - a different mermaid is included in each separate magical shell! The Mermaid Magic Fizz & Surprise shell measures approximately 7 cm x 7 cm The Mermaid Magic Fizz & Surprise gift is suitable for little ones from aged 4+ Ever since the classic Little Mermaid film, little girls across the globe have been fascinated and shared a fond love of beautiful and intriguing little mermaids! Like anything fictionally cool (Santa Claus, The Tooth Fairy, The Easter Bunny) mermaids have that real WOWING effect on kids so anything to do remotely with them is sure to create sparkling smiles! The Mermaid Magic Fizz & Surprise is one of those truly imaginative children’s gifts that are so amazingly cool that even adults want a part of the action! (I’m not admitting anything here; of course I wouldn’t want a Mermaid Magic Fizz & Surprise!) The real magic begins as soon as you drop the colourful clam-shell into warm water! Like something spectacularly bewitching, the little mermaid inside the Mermaid Magic Fizz & Surprise puts a super spell on the clam-shell and tells it to release her from within! The little mermaid’s mythical beauty then reacts with warm water to create a fantastic fizzing action that’ll make little kids excited and impressed! Once the fizzing fun is done and the clam-shell has disappeared completely, the lovely little mermaid will be released into the water ready to be played with! Whether you keep her in the water and teach her to swim or simply keep her close by to assist you on all your magical adventures, the Mermaid Magic Fizz & Surprise will become your new best friend! What’s more, as well as having a wonderful water-fairy as your cute new companion, you’ll be able to show off her cool colour-changing powers to all your friends! Simply dip her tail into warm water, then quickly into cold water and watch as her tail vividly changes colour! The enchanting and wizardly world of an underwater utopia awaits you! Purchase the wondrous Mermaid Magic Fizz & Surprise gift today! What’s in the Mermaid Magic Fizz & Surprise Packet? 1 x Mermaid Magic Fizz & Surprise Why You Should Buy From Us! 30 day money-back guarantee Low-price guarantee Loyalty points discount off future orders Huge range of unique gift ideas for all occasions Excellent customer service Next day delivery available Mermaid Magic Fizz & Surprise