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by Liz - December 24th, 2015.
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Pedal Racer
Pedal Racer £24.99
Circus Pedal Racer The Circus Pedal Racer is a wickedly fun and challenging four wheeler that’ll have you in stitches! (Of laughter, not down the A&E!) Practice to skilfully balance yourself atop the crazy looking Circus Pedal Racer and roll on to good times! You’ll need fancy foot work like a clown to pull off the Circus Pedal Racer and find yourself getting addicted to how far you can roll! More complex than it looks, the unique Circus Pedal Racer has a mind of its own and your journey will be anything but steady as you jolt and wobble on its sturdy pedals! Like the highest slide in the playground that has that dangerously exciting vibe, your Circus Pedal Racer will keep you amused for hours as you and your mates take it in turns to win the longest rolling time again and again! Low on emissions and cost-free to run, your Circus Pedal Racer requires only your might, determination and a bloody stable pair of pins! About the Circus Pedal Racer The Circus Pedal Racer is a strange but awesomely fun wheeling racer! Like a cross between a bicycle and a skateboard, the Circus Pedal Racer features four sturdy wheels and two big red plates to balance your feet on! The Circus Pedal Racer’s wheels and plates move forwards and backwards to enable you to roll steadily along - forwards or backwards! The Circus Pedal Racer requires no assembly and comes ready to use! The Circus Pedal Racer measures approximately 36 cm x 30 cm x 20 cm The Circus Pedal Racer is suitable for ages 8-88 depending on your balancing ability! Everyone remembers being taken to the circus as a child. The roar of the bustling crowd, the smell of peanuts and crackerjack and the big top that makes you feel like you’re zipped inside a gigantic tent! Whether you’re now against the whole circus caboodle or simply shun the circus in fear of clowns squirting you in the eye with water or wrecking your favourite jacket with their custard cream pies, purchase the Circus Pedal Racer and get a part of the action in your own home! Innovative and intense fun, the Circus Pedal Racer was probably not designed with you in mind, but of your observing mates falling on the floor with laughter as you jiggle and wiggle about making an absolute pilchard of yourself! Once you get your Circus Pedal Racer out of the box you’ll realise you’ve met your match! A bit like a Rubik’s Cube in underestimating its trickery, you’ll instantly think the four wheeled stability of the Circus Pedal Racer surely makes for effortless travel and ease of use! But you’re wrong! As soon as your feet feel the random movements of the Circus Pedal Racer plates and once you’ve courageously let go off the sofa arm you’ve been gripping onto, you’ll be whooaaaaah’ing all over the place like a baby taking their first steps! Like a cross between a classic bicycle and a modern skateboard, the inventive Circus Pedal Racer is set to be the coolest craze since those dangerous shoes with wheels in or those alien-like mechanic stilts that see kids in hospital before childhood obesity! Perfect your footwork, arm movements and swerving hips to get yourself masterfully aligned for the Circus Pedal Racer! Buy one today! What’s in the Circus Pedal Racer Box? 1 x Circus Pedal Racer Why You Should Buy From Us! 30 day money-back guarantee Low-price guarantee Loyalty points discount off future orders Huge range of unique gift ideas for all occasions Excellent customer service Next day delivery available Circus Pedal Racer
Hi Vis Reflective Umbrella
Hi Vis Reflective Umbrella £24.99
Hi Vis Umbrella Stay dry and get noticed. By day this is a classic dark grey umbrella. By night the super reflective hi-vis material will help you be seen, get noticed and stay safe. And of course keep you dry whatever the weather. Super tough, windproof, telescopic umbrella design, folds down for convenience. Key Product Features: Hi vis reflecting umbrella, Grey by day, silvery white at night, Useful for outdoor workers, Telescopic design packs away to store in bags, Be bright. Be seen at night,