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by Liz - December 26th, 2015.
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I want one of those has cut the price of these products
Zombie Blood Shower Gel II - Green
Zombie Blood Shower Gel II - Green was £6.99, Now only £5.49
Bring a touch of fun to your bathroom with the Zombie Blood Shower Gel II in green. Presented in a resealable, transfusion-style bag and a featuring a handy hanging loop, the shower gel will leave your skin smelling wonderful, although we can't promise it will save you from a zombie apocalypse. - L.M. Features: Zombie Blood Shower Gel II Presented in a resealable, transfusion-style bag Handy hanging hook Sweet scent Novelty green colour Contains approximately 380ml Approximate dimensions: H:17 x W:11 x D:5cm
Random Crap Bag
Random Crap Bag was £6.99, only £5.49
The Random Crap Bag is perfect for your trip to the shops. Made from durable polypropylene, the bag boasts a zip fastening and woven yellow handles. Bold and bright, it will allow you to carry your everyday essentials in a fun and environmentally friendly way. It can also be folded away quickly and easily for convenient storage when not in use. - L.M. Features: Random Crap Bag Made from polypropylene Zip fastening Woven yellow handles Environmentally friendly Folds up quickly and easily Colourful and fun design Dimensions: 57 x 51cm
Christmas Stocking Sacks
Christmas Stocking Sacks was £6.99, only £5.49
The Christmas Stocking Sacks are a fun way of packaging your Christmas gifts. Made of durable plastic, the stocking-shaped mail bags come in four different colours, each with a festive, fairisle design. - L.M. Features: Christmas Stocking Sacks 12 stocking-shaped mail bags per box 4 different colours Festive, fairisle designs Made of durable plastic Dimensions per bag: 350 x 600 x 2mm
Batman Multitool
Batman Multitool was £6.99, only £5.49
Inspired by the innovative gadgets of Wayne Enterprises, the Batman Multitool includes a bottle opener, flathead screwdriver and crosshead screwdriver all in one trusty key ring. Built from anodized aluminium, the device also has a key chain and is a must-have multifunctional gadget for fans of DC Comics and Batman. – L.R. Features: Batman Multitool Key Ring Includes a bottle opener, flathead and crosshead screwdriver in one Made from aluminium Key chain allows the key ring to sit with your keys Dimensions: 11 x 5cm
Batman Build Your Own Batmobile
Batman Build Your Own Batmobile was £6.99, only £5.99
Every superhero needs a flash form of transport to get from villain to villain; construct your very own super automobile with the Batman Build Your Own Batmobile set. Made up of eight puzzle sheets, the set creates a 26cm-wide model and is a must-have for fans of Batman and DC Comics. – L.R. Features: Batman Build Your Own Batmobile Set Includes eight puzzle sheets which assemble to form a model of the Batmobile Assembled model measures: H: 6.5 x W: 9.5 x D: 26cm
Happy Jackson Mug Queen of Awesomeness
Happy Jackson Mug Queen of Awesomeness was £7.99, only £6.99
Presented in a funky giftbox, Happy Jackson Queen of Awesomeness Mug is a great gift to remind your friend, colleuge, or family member how truly awesome they are! The bright pink and yellow design is modern yet simple and will put the owner in a great mood at the start of the day with their morning cuppa! -SA
Chocolate Christmas Pudding with Gold Sixpence
Chocolate Christmas Pudding with Gold Sixpence was £7.99, only £6.99
Handcrafted in the UK by chocolate artisans Choc on Choc from the finest Belgian chocolate, the Chocolate Christmas Pudding with Gold Sixpence offers you an elegantly made, delicious selection of festive treats made from a mix of white and milk chocolate. The collection comprises a delicious chocolaty Christmas pudding and a large white chocolate sixpence. The perfect gift for friends and family during the Christmas season. – L.R. Features: Chocolate Christmas Pudding with Gold Sixpence Handmade in the UK by chocolate artisans Choc on Choc using the finest Belgian dark, milk and white chocolate Includes a chocolate Christmas pudding and a white chocolate sixpence Presented in a gift box
Golf Ball Finding Glasses
Golf Ball Finding Glasses was £8.99, only £7.99
There's nothing worse than foraging for golf balls that have ended up in the rough thanks to your lack of skills on the fairway. These amazing Golf Ball Finding Glasses will help you locate those stray balls. Just pop them on and the blue lenses will illuminate everything white, so finding them will be quick and easy. - L.M. Features: Find any wayward golf balls Blue lenses will illuminate white These are not sunglasses and do not filter UV light