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by Liz - December 26th, 2015.
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Prestige Aluminium High Dome Pressure Cooker (6L)
Prestige Aluminium High Dome Pressure Cooker (6L) £40.0
With years of knowledge of pressure cookers, Prestige has developed the Aluminium High Dome Pressure Cooker for a healthy, versatile and fast way to cook a wide range of foods. Cooking up to 70% faster while also retaining healthy vitamins and nutrients, this versatile cooker is an incredibly versatile kitchen accessory. The aluminium 6L pressure cooker is the ideal way to quickly and healthily cook food for the whole family. Made from durable aluminium, the pressure cooker features a high dome for extra capacity cooking and conducts heat effectively for perfect meals. The pan features three piece weights for 5, 10 and 15lb cooking. - A.D. Key Features: 6L high dome pressure cooker – extra capacity for busy kitchens or great for bottling and canning Made from durable polished aluminium Cooks up to 70% faster Healthy, retains vitamins and nutrients Saves energy Practical accessories include a separator, divider and wire trivet Heat resistant handles for optimal durability and safety Suitable for all hobs bar induction Three pressure cooker settings – speed and convenience of 5lb, 10lb and 15lb settings 10 year guarantee