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by Liz - December 28th, 2015.
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Star Wars Stormtroopers Mighty Wallet
Star Wars Stormtroopers Mighty Wallet £9.99
The Star Wars Stormtroopers Mighty Wallet is tear-resistant, water-resistant, expandable and recyclable. Made from Tyvek, this cool wallet resists tearing because of thousands of interlocking plastic fibers spun in random patterns, giving it incredible strength. The ingenious origami construction was and is the original folded Tyvek wallet designed by Terrence Kelleman. The stitchless design reinforces the materials own strength and allows these very slim wallets to instantly expand and adapt to your own personal storage needs.
Villains ZBOX - September - Action Figure
Villains ZBOX - September - Action Figure £9.99
Standing at 4 inch tall this is an exclusive figure of the Joker. He comes on a cardboard stand that can be kept for display purposes.
Intelligent Ice Cubes Set of 6
Intelligent Ice Cubes Set of 6 £8.99
The Intelligent Ice Cubes Set of 6 are designed to keep your drink cool without diluting it. Boasting a unique clip which can attach an ice cube and be inserted into the glass without using your fingertips, the design will chill drinks in ten minutes and keep them cool for 45 minutes. The clip will also stay in one place to minimise the risk of choking. Great for picnics, parties and BBQs, the pre-packed freezable tray will take up minimal space in your freezer. - L.M. Features: Intelligent Ice Cubes Set of 6 Unique clip design will attach an ice cube and be inserted into the drink without using your fingertips Chills drinks in 10 minutes and keep them cool for 45 Clips stays in one place to minimise choking risk Won't dilute your drink Safe and easy to use Pre-packed freezable tray Takes up little room in your freezer
Swing Time Bird Feeder
Swing Time Bird Feeder £8.99
Care for your feathered friends with the Swing Time Bird Feeder. Designed to look just like a tyre swing, the ceramic bird feeder comes with a rope, so you can hang it easily from a branch. Simply fill the tyre with seeds and nuts and watch the birds come flocking. - L.M. Features: Swing Time Bird Feeder Designed to look like a tyre swing Made of ceramic Comes with a rope for easy hanging Fill the tyre with nuts or seeds Diameter: 5.5
Mr Tea Rex Mug
Mr Tea Rex Mug £6.99
Make your cuppa more fun with the Mr Tea Rex Mug. This hilarious dinosaur mug will show your friends and colleagues who's the boss when it comes to the best brews. Made of durable ceramic, the 300ml mug is also dishwasher and microwave safe. - L.M. Features: Mr Tea Rex Mug Hilarious Mr T-inspired dinosaur design Made of ceramic 300ml capacity Dishwasher and microwave safe Presented in a gift box