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by Liz - December 30th, 2015.
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Leopard Print Hot Boots - Grey
Leopard Print Hot Boots - Grey £9.99
Kick back and relax after a long day with these irresistibly soft and toasty Hot Boots. Simply pop the boots into the microwave, slip them on and enjoy the warmth and soothing lavender aroma. These cosy leaopard print slippers are ideal for those frosty mornings or snuggly nights in front of the TV. - J.D. Features: Adult UK shoe size 3-7 Microwavable lavender scented boots Super soft cream fleece Clean with a damp sponge Suitable for ages 3+
Pulke Herb Infuser
Pulke Herb Infuser £9.99
Infuse your food with maximum taste without having to leave inedible herb rests inside. Pulke (“pool-kay”) means chicken leg in Yiddish which is where the design of the device stems from. Simply fill the infuser with herbs, place it in your dish and let it do the work for you! After cooking you can easily dispose of the used herbs without having to fish them out of your food. Designed by OTOTO design studio. LB Features: Pulke Herb Infuser Shaped like a chicken leg Keeps your food free from herb debris Easy to fill Material: Silicone rubber Dimensions: H: 14.5cm x W: 8cm x D: 6cm
Bike SpokeLit
Bike SpokeLit £9.99
Staying visible whilst cycling should be the number one priority when venturing out on two wheels. The Bike Spokelit is a bike light that can be attached to your spokes (as the name suggests) to ensure plenty of visibility on the roads. As well as increasing visibility, the rear lamp adds cool points to your bike too. The lighting effect it produces can be kept constant or flashing. Constant creates a ring of light effect when pedalling which looks quite futuristic (although as we all safety over aesthetic always takes precedence!) The batteries last for ages and installation only takes a few seconds, so why not get your hands on one of these funky bicycle lighting accessories. Helping to keep you safe whilst you brave the roads in the dark. - R.K. Features: Bike SpokeLit safety light for cyclists Simply clip it to the spokes and turn it on before you start cycling The light will either hold a steady glow or flash rapidly to make you as visible as possible in the dark Easy to operate (not whilst in motion) Colours may vary: red, blue or green Suitable for ages 8+ Size: 12 x 3.5 x 2.5cm
W_Anchor Mug
W_Anchor Mug £6.99
Featuring a 'say what you see' design, the W_Anchor Mug is the perfect way of getting the message across to someone you don't get on with. Perfect for annoying colleagues or family members, this tongue-in-cheek mug is sure to raise a few laughs. Microwave and dishwasher save, it has a standard 300ml capacity. - L.M. Features: W_Anchor Mug Say what you see to reveal a rather offensive message Ideal for annoying colleagues or family members Made of ceramic 300ml capacity Microwave and dishwasher safe