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by Liz - December 30th, 2015.
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Microwavable Furry Slipper Boots - Cream
Microwavable Furry Slipper Boots - Cream £19.99
Microwavable Furry Slipper Boots - Cream These Furry Cream Boot Slippers are a pair of super soft house slippers which can be put in the microwave to make them extra toasty!. They are adult one size which will feasibly fit sizes 3-7 and they are elasticated around the ankle to keep them secure on your feet. These luxury heated slippers are scented with a lavender aroma which is triggered when they heat up. So not only will you have toasty toes, the room will also be filled with a relaxing aroma! These marvellous microwavable slippers make brilliant gifts for women . Each slipper contains wheat grain scented with lovely lavender, so they will bring comfort and relaxation as you potter around the house! These winter slippers will cuddle your feet and ankles with thick, soft fabric, both inside and out. When your feet are cold and tired after a long day, these heated slippers are here to rescue you. So kick off your work shoes, step into a pair of heated Furry Slipper Boots and let your feet hibernate for the evening! Key Product Features: Super soft pair of microwavable slippers, Cream coloured slipper boots are gorgeous soft and furry inside and out, Free-size - fits sizes approximately 3-8, Gently scented with lavender, Bobble-grip sole - for indoor use only,
Vinalito Wine Aerators
Vinalito Wine Aerators £19.99
Vinalito Wine Aerators Vinalito instantly releases your wines intended flavours, enhancing it's bouquet. The ideal drinking gift, simply hold the wine aerator over your glass and pour in the desired amount. If you are looking for a stylish wine breather for a Birthday, Christmas orFather's Day gift, why not twin your Vinalito with one of our Personalised Wine Glasses or a bottle of their favourite plonk? Impress all your dinner guests by serving their wine through such a beautiful gadget! Vinalito Wine Aerators Vinalito is a wine aerator Simply hold it over your glass and pour your wine through the top It releases all of the wines flavours and scents as intended Hand wash only Includes handy carry pouch It measures approx 6.5 cm x 16.5 cm x 6.5 cm This wine breather makes a fantastic gift for ages 18 to 180! If you know someone who takes their wine seriously, they will love this handy gadget. What’s in the Vinalito Wine Aerators box? 1 x Vinalito Wine Aerators Why You Should Buy From Us! 30 day money-back guarantee Low-price guarantee Loyalty points discount off future orders Huge range of unique gift ideas for all occasions Excellent customer service Next day delivery available Vinalito Wine Aerators
Bath Lights Show
Bath Lights Show £16.99
Bath Lights Show The Bath Lights Show transforms your bath tub into a multi-coloured-medley of lovely relaxing light! Bath water really is an untapped potential - yeah, you might pour the Radox and turn the water green, but we’re pretty sure there’s not a bubble bath liquid out there that can emit multi-coloured flashing lights through the whole water surface! Simply set the Bath Lights Show free atop the bubbles and be blown away by its calming pretty ebb of coloured lights! Fantastic fun for one or a tremendous treat for two, the Bath Lights Show is worth turning into a prune for! Whether you’re a ‘lie for 5 and get out when you’re cleansed’ kind of gal or ‘soak until you’re drier than the bath mat’, the Bath Lights Show will entertain and astound all bath-goers! Make sure you become the belle of the bath with the Bath Lights Show! We’ve all been there - you slink into the bath feeling grotty, dirty and generally not a happy mermaid (or manmade!) you lie there worrying about whether there’s a fresh bath towel in the airing cupboard or if that spider in the corner of the bathroom’s about to make its way into the tub! Well, not with the Bath Lights Show! Turn the lights off and release all your inner tension whilst your stressed head is cleared by all the flowing coloured pretty lights! The beauty of the Bath Underwater Light Show is that it’d fit in the palm of your hand so won’t cramp up the space in the tub and get in your way! Why not go all out and purchase the Foam Dispensing Brush too - scrub yourself to an immaculate sheen whilst getting disco lights in your bath tub! They say if it’s too good to be true, it usually is, but with the Bath Lights Show it really is this good! What’s in the Bath Lights Show Box? 1 x Bath Lights Show device (batteries not included)   Key Product Features: The Bath Lights Show is a marvellous little device which floats on the top of your bath water flowin, It features 5 different display combinations – change the sequence by pressing the button on the sid, Each Bath Lights Show is made up of red, green and blue lights, with different patterns and displays, It is dome-shaped so the light can reach out expansively to illuminate your pool or bath!, The Bath Underwater Light Show is 100% waterproof. The Bath Lights Show requires 3 x AAA batteries,