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by Liz - December 30th, 2015.
Filed under: New Gifts, Red Letter Days, Outrageous gifts.
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MiG-29 Edge of Space Program from Russia
MiG-29 Edge of Space Program from Russia £12500
Experience the most mind-blowing aerial adventure imaginable, a supersonic flight to the edge of space in a MiG-29. Head to Russia's world-renowned Sormovo Airfield for the trip of a lifetime, usually reserved for the likes of astronauts and cosmonauts. After meeting the instructor and ground staff for a full pre-mission briefing, don a g-suit and get strapped into the mighty MiG-29. Hold on tight for a jaw-dropping vertical take-off and climb to the very edge of the atmosphere, breaking the sound barrier and experiencing a barrage of aerial acrobatics along the way. Once at 80,000 feet, the awesome sight of the curvature of the Earth will take your breath away and make a memory to last a lifetime. Literally, out of this world.
Zero Gravity flight from Russia
Zero Gravity flight from Russia £4500
Based in Russia's Star City, this IL-76 MDK zero gravity flight offers a once in a lifetime opportunity to experience weightlessness. Receive a briefing and medical combined with a guided tour of Star City, home to the world's largest centrifuge. On the morning of the flight, take a bus to the Chkalovsky Airfield to board the IL-76 MDK. Weightlessness is achieved by flying to 24,000 feet and increasing the angle of the aircraft, eventually reaching 32,000 feet and creating a pull of 1.8Gs. The plane is then pushed over to create zero gravity and for the next 20 - 30 seconds everything in the plane is weightless, before flyers are able to stabilize on the aircraft floor. This is repeated 15 times, each taking 10 miles of airspace to perform.
Aero L-39 Jet Flight in Germany
Aero L-39 Jet Flight in Germany £2000
Not for the faint hearted, this intensely thrilling Aero L-39 Albatross flight from Germany's Paderborn Airport is one of the world's most exciting flying experiences. The L-39 was the standard jet trainer in the Warsaw Pact countries and now you can enjoy its amazing capabilities from high up in the co-pilot's seat. Meet a seasoned instructor for a comprehensive pre-flight briefing, before suiting up and boarding the L-39 Albatross in preparation for some serious aerial action. Soar to sensational heights and experience aerobatic spins, loops, low level flying and tail chasing as the dramatic landscape unfolds beneath - there's even a chance to take over the controls. For aviation fans, this really is the flight of a lifetime.