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by Liz - December 31st, 2015.
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Chocolate Christmas Pudding with Gold Sixpence
Chocolate Christmas Pudding with Gold Sixpence was £7.99, Now only £5.99
Handcrafted in the UK by chocolate artisans Choc on Choc from the finest Belgian chocolate, the Chocolate Christmas Pudding with Gold Sixpence offers you an elegantly made, delicious selection of festive treats made from a mix of white and milk chocolate. The collection comprises a delicious chocolaty Christmas pudding and a large white chocolate sixpence. The perfect gift for friends and family during the Christmas season. – L.R. Features: Chocolate Christmas Pudding with Gold Sixpence Handmade in the UK by chocolate artisans Choc on Choc using the finest Belgian dark, milk and white chocolate Includes a chocolate Christmas pudding and a white chocolate sixpence Presented in a gift box
Smart Glove - Touch Glove for Smartphone
Smart Glove - Touch Glove for Smartphone was £6.99, only £5.99
No need to face the cold. Smart Glove - Touchscreen Gloves will enable you to use your touchscreen device whilst keeping your fingers toasty warm. The tips of the gloves are made from a conductive material which will not scratch your device's screen but allow you to navigate around the device without the need to remove the gloves. You know that at IWOOT we're big on combining style and convenience so if you're looking for gift ideas for your dad or for the special man in your life, look no further than these gloves. A great one for those who love practicality. - J.F. Features: The Smart Glove's fingertips are interwoven with a special conductive material, allowing the wearer to use touchscreen devices Compatible with capacitive touchscreen devices, including the iPad and iPhone Won't scratch or damage your screen Hand wash only in cool water and reshape whilst damp One size fits all - 22cm x 12cm x 2.5cm x 50g Please Note:The Smart Gloves are not an official Apple product
Skull Bottle Stopper/Jigger Drink Measurer
Skull Bottle Stopper/Jigger Drink Measurer was £6.99, only £5.99
The Skull Bottle Stopper features an innovative and functional design that allows you to conserve your spirit while also acting as a measuring glass or a shot glass when required. Crafted from clear glass moulded into the shape of a skull with a silicone stopper to the bottom, the bottle stopper features a pouring spout to prevent drips and spills and features measurement markings in ml and oz. The bottle stopper is presented in a themed gift box. – L.R. Features: Skull Bottle Stopper/Shot Glass/Drink Measurer Crafted from clear glass in the shape of a skull Silicone seal fits most bottles Spout prevents drips and spills Hand wash only Measurement markings Presented in a themed gift box Size: Capacity: 60ml
Jackpot Shots
Jackpot Shots was £6.99, only £5.99
Take a chance with the Jackpot Shots, a set of four playfully designed shot glasses to add fun to parties. Simply fill the gambling themed glass with your favourite tipple and use the included instructions to play the fruit machine drinking game. All you have to do is roll the dice, trying to match the pictures to your opponents glasses, forcing them to down their shots. E.N. Features: Jackpot Shots Includes four shot glasses and four dice Full game play instructions Fruit machine design on glasses and dice Adds fun to parties, BBQs or gatherings
Pocket Power Bank 2600 mAh - Black/Silver/Purple
Pocket Power Bank 2600 mAh - Black/Silver/Purple was £9.99, only £6.99
The pocket sized power bank will ensure your devices never run out of precious juice again. The phone charger fully charges an iPhone in just 90mins, with a battery powered capacity of 2600 mah Li-ion which is fully rechargeable. Its compact design allows you to carry it with you to top up the battery level of both smartphones and tablets; avoiding the dreaded low battery warning. - R.R. Features: Pocket Power Bank Battery Charger Pocket sized for a compact and portable design Capacity: 2600mAh Li-ion Fully charges an iPhone in just 90mins Battery powered Fully rechargeable
Legless Bottle Opener
Legless Bottle Opener was £9.99, only £6.99
The Legless Bottle Opener features a corkscrew with an easy-open lever, a foil cutter and a beer bottle opener. Designed to look like a peg-legged pirate, complete with a bandana, eye patch and earring, this quirky bottle opener is perfect for parties and barbecues. - L.M. Features: Legless Bottle Opener Corkscrew with an easy-open lever Foil cutter Beer bottle opener Designed to look like a peg-legged pirate, complete with bandana, eye patch and earring Made from stainless steel and plastic Won't rust or corrode Dimensions: H:26.8 x W:7.8 x D:1.8cm
Bull Animal Head Key Holder
Bull Animal Head Key Holder was £9.99, only £6.99
If losing your keys is a common, infuriating occurrence then this Animal Head Key Holder is ideal for you. Attach the animal to your keys, then as soon as you return home, place it back onto the magnetic shield which you mount on to a convenient wall. Stop hunting around for your keys and keep them in sight with this handy keyring gadget. E.N. Features: Animal Head Key Holder Prevents losing keys Animal head is made from steel Magnetic shield sticks to the wall with an adhesive strip Dimensions: 6.5 x 3cm
Das Boot Shot Glasses
Das Boot Shot Glasses was £9.99, only £6.99
Put some kick into your night with this set of Das Boot Shot Glasses. Featuring a novelty design made popular in Germany in the shape of a boot, the machine-blown shot glasses are a great way of spicing up house parties, family gatherings and also look great in your drinks cabinet. – L.R. Features: Das Boot Shot Glasses Novelty boot design made famous in Germany Made from machine-blown glass A great way of spicing up house parties Please drink responsibly Size: Dimensions: H: 3.1 x W: 2.3 (heel to toe) Capacity: 44ml (per shot glass)
Animal Gift Wrap - Multi
Animal Gift Wrap - Multi was £9.99, only £6.99
The Animal Gift Wrap will allow you to wrap presents in a fun and creative way, so your gifts look extra special. Simply wrap the present in the plain paper, then use the stickers and cut-out sheets to add all the other details, such as the tail, ears, eyes and feet. The pack comes with a step-by-step guide which will tell you how to make 24 different animals, including a lion, elephant and a koala bear. - L.M. Features: 6 x sheets of plain wrapping paper 8 x sticker sheets 5 x cut-out sheets Step-by-step guide tells you how to make 24 different animals Use the plain paper to wrap the gift, then use the stickers and cut-out sheets to add the extra details Please Note: Glue, sellotape and scissors are not included.
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