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by Liz - December 31st, 2015.
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I want one of those reduced the price on these items today
Scratch Map - UK Edition
Scratch Map - UK Edition was £15.99, Now only £12.99
If you love bragging about your travels to your friends and family, The Scratch Map is ideal for you. This UK Edition is a map of the British Isles, with a unique scratchable surface that lets you scratch off all the places that you've been lucky enough to visit. Simply rub the map like a scratch card to remove the silver foil and reveal beautiful geographical details of all the cities you've been to. This is an excellent way to help you hold on to the memories of your travels across the UK, and will make an interesting decorative piece to hang on your wall. - L.M. Features: A personalised map of the British Isles Scratch off the locations you've visited to reveal geographical detail and different colours underneath Top layer is made of silver foil for easy scratching Great for the travelling person in your life Forms a nice visual reminder of exactly where you've been Supplied in a sturdy protective tube Suitable for well-travelled individuals aged 8+ Check out our collection of worldwide Scratch Maps click here. Please note: Frame not included. Size: Dimensions: 46 x 65 x 5.5cm Weight: 112g
Zing Anything Citrus Zinger Sport - Blue
Zing Anything Citrus Zinger Sport - Blue was £14.99, only £12.99
The Citrus Zinger allows you to infuse your water with the flavour of your favourite citrus fruit to give add fruity goodness and a zesty edge that's sure to get your tastebuds tingling! Whether you're off to spend a day at the office or work up a sweat at the gym, this handy water bottle and its built-in reamer will ensure that you'll always have refreshing, fruity water to hand while offering an easy way to increase your vitamin intake. A large screw-off lid makes adding ice and cleaning the bottle quick and easy, and it is designed to keep your drink chilled for up to 12 hours to keep you refreshed and hydrated all day long. - L.R. Features: Citrus Zinger Infuses water with citrus fruit 28oz/828ml capacity Built-in reamer Easy to add ice and clean Great way of adding taste and vitamins to water Keeps the drink chilled for up to 12 hours after making Finger hole for easy carrying BPA/Halogen/EA and phthalates free
Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver - Gold/White
Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver - Gold/White was £16.99, only £14.99
Fans of Doctor Who and DIY will love this replica Sonic Screwdriver that doubles up as a fully functional screwdriver. Designed to look just like the Doctor's iconic gadget, the Sonic Screwdriver features LEDs, a sound module, solid metal construction and interchangeable screwdriver heads to make it highly versatile. When the screwdriver isn't in use, the bits can be stored neatly inside the Sonic Screwdriver. - A.D. Features: Officially licensed replica Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver Fully functional screwdriver LED lights Sound module Solid metal construction Interchangeable screwdriver heads (reversible Philips and Flathead bits) Screwdriver bits can be stored inside the Sonic Screwdriver 3 x AG10 batteries required (included)
Superman DC Comics Look-ALite LED Table Lamp
Superman DC Comics Look-ALite LED Table Lamp was £16.99, only £14.99
Save yourself from the darkness of night with the Superman Look-Alite table lamp. Featuring a design modelled on the iconic silhouette of Superman, this red and blue led lamp is perfect for any fan of the 'Man of Steel'. The LED mood light emits a soft white light from its head that is perfect for adding a relaxing glow to any room. Powered either by batteries or Micro USB, the LED Superman lamp stands proudly to give a reassuring ambience to any room in the home. - L.R. Features: Superman DC Comics Look-ALite LED table lamp Officially licenced Superman merchandise Shaped like iconic silhouette of the iconic superhero Adds a soft, ambient glow to any room Powered by three x AAA batteries (not included) Size: Dimensions: H: 25 x W: 13 x D: 10.5cm
Pocket Tin Travel Speaker
Pocket Tin Travel Speaker was £16.99, only £14.99
This small but mighty Pocket Tin Travel Speaker fits into a pocket and can play high quality music. The rechargeable music player features a tin design with a removable lid, which lifts off to reveal a matt black speaker. Connect your phone or mp3 player via the cable and blast out some tunes for up to 40 hours. –M.R Features: Pocket Tin Travel Speaker Fits into a pocket and can play high quality music Tin design with a removable lid Lid lifts off to reveal a matt black speaker Connect your phone or mp3 player via the cable to blast out tunes Dimensions: H: 2.9 x W: 9.8 x D: 2.9cm