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by Liz - December 31st, 2015.
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Sphere of Life Jewellery - Daisy Necklace
Sphere of Life Jewellery - Daisy Necklace £54.99
Sphere of Life Jewellery - Daisy Necklace These attractive Sphere of Life Necklaces m ake perfect Mothers Day gifts and Birthday presents for girls of any age! This Daisy Necklace consists of a spherical pendant which comprises enamel and sterling silver daisies. Presented in super luxurious packaging, we pop each item in its own satin pouch, nestled inside a silver-coloured spherical box. This is then safely placed in a larger gift box! These large Sphere of Life Daisy Necklaces also come in a gift bag, so plenty of protection for the delicate jewellery. Each pendant necklace comes with a 'story card' which has the words 'Daisies...Celebrate the child within you with a daisy chain.' Key Product Features: The Daisy Necklaces are made of enamelled sterling silver on a silver chain!,