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by John - January 1st, 2016.
Filed under: Firebox, Price Reductions, under £20, under £15, under £10.
Firebox reduced the price on these lines today
Super Graphic
Super Graphic was £11.99, Now only £9.59
The comic book universe, transformed into a wealth of beautifully visualised statistics.
Giant Cola Bottle
Giant Cola Bottle was £12.99, only £9.74
One hundred and twenty times the size of a typical cola bottle sweet, this gargantuan 420g confection is only for the brave.
Ninja Mug
Ninja Mug was £12.99, only £9.74
Shrouded in a black insulating mask to conceal its identity and armed to the teeth with a spoon sword and Shuriken coaster - it'll happily lurk in the shadows of your cupboard until it's next assignment.