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by John - January 3rd, 2016.
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Crumpled City Maps (Milan)
Crumpled City Maps (Milan) £9.99
Forget folding and cease creasing. With these indestructible maps you can just stuff ‘em in your pocket, then spread ‘em out anywhere.
Beer Soap (Newcastle Brown Ale)
Beer Soap (Newcastle Brown Ale) £5.99
We don’t drink. It messes with the memory. But we love being clean so we wash using Beer Soap. Containing real lagers and stouts, from Stella to Guinness, each masculine bar is ideal for refreshing your parts before a night on the tiles. But we don’t drink. It messes with the memory.
Lip Shit (Asian Pear & Peppermint)
Lip Shit (Asian Pear & Peppermint) £5.99
Cheeky title aside, these all-natural lip balms are the perfect way to soothe and protect your precious pout.