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by John - January 3rd, 2016.
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A Clockwork Orange Gnome
A Clockwork Orange Gnome £19.99
What do gnomes actually get up to after dark? Indulging in a spot of ultra-violence down by the canal perhaps? A bit of the old "in-out" at the local abandoned theatre? Or just kicking back with some lovely, lovely Ludwig van.
Rhino Shield for iPhone (iPhone 4 / 4s)
Rhino Shield for iPhone (iPhone 4 / 4s) £17.99
It’s almost inevitable that at some point in our lives we will drop our mobile phone. We'll momentarily hate ourselves and then (if we're lucky) we'll just carry on using a depressing shattered device until our next upgrade in 18 months. This is not on, the world is screaming out for the Rhino Shield.
Condiment Gun
Condiment Gun £15.99
D'ya feel saucy? Well, do ya, sausage? Find out with this gloriously infantile gun-shaped sauce squirter. Just fill one of the included cartridges with your favourite sauce and prepare to give your chips a right good seeing to.