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by Liz - January 5th, 2016.
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Therm Au Rouge - Red Wine Warmer
Therm Au Rouge - Red Wine Warmer £10.99
Therm Au Rouge - Red Wine Warmer The Therm Au Rouge is a wonderful device that will bring your red wine to the perfect temperature in just a few minutes. The Therm au Rouge red wine warming sleeve is activated by the simple click of a button and then placed in water after use to reverse the chemical reaction, making it re-useable time after time. Therm Au Rouge - Red Wine Warmer Everybody knows that to enjoy a bottle of red wine it needs to be consumed at the ideal temperature. The Therm au Rouge and its magic formula is the perfect solution to warming up your wine in just minutes. No longer do you have to destroy your wine by leaving it too near the fireplace, radiator or even ill advised attempts with the microwave.... Therm au Rouge and its unique energising gel gently warms up your wine in a controlled and sophisticated way, which can be repeated time and time again by simply regenerating in boiling water. Simply bend the silver clicker, which will start the amazing warming process. Designed & invented in the UK, endorsed & supported by wine producers. Please note: not suitable for microwave heating. Approximately 14.9 cm x 14.4 cm. Therm Au Rouge - Red Wine Warmer