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by Liz - January 5th, 2016.
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Chill Core 3 in 1 Wine Cooler
Chill Core 3 in 1 Wine Cooler £19.99
Chill Core 3 in 1 Wine Cooler ChillCore 3 in 1 - A revolutionary product designed to actively chill bottles in minutes and stay cold for up to 2 hours, it will also pour effortlessly and preserve unfinished wine bottles, perfect for in and outdoor entertaining. Chills - The ChillCore will actively chill warm bottles of wine in 15 minutes and keep them cool for up to 2 hours whilst remaining in the bottle. The ChillCore can be used on any size bottle including traditional screw cap and flanged neck bottle. The ChillCore can be stored in the freezer until required. The gel is non toxic and FDA approved. Manufactured with high quality materials and certified by UK independant wine laboratories. Pours - Unlike other similar products on the market place this is the only model of its type that allows the chill core to remain in the bottle whilst being poured, the revolutionary air flow system ensures effortless pouring whilst chilling the wine at the same time. Very easy and safe to use. Preserves - If in the unlikely event you are not able to consume a whole bottle of wine, the ChillCore 3 in 1 system has a unique rubber seal stopper to keep your opened bottle of wine fresh for at least 48 hours. Can be stored upright in the fridge until required. The ChillCore comes pre-packed in a full colour gift box. Key Product Features: Chills, preserves and pours wine, Can chill a warm bottle in 15 minutes, Pourer section includes a rubberised stopper, Place in freezer for 4 hours before use, Chills wine in 15 minutes,