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by Liz - January 6th, 2016.
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Desktop Herb Garden
Desktop Herb Garden £9.99
The Desktop Herb Garden will allow you to bring a touch of the outdoors into your office. Containing everything you need to grow your own parsley, basil and chives, the herb garden is outlined with a cute picket fence. You'll also be able to use the herbs to add extra flavour to your lunch! - L.M. Features: Desktop Herb Garden Allows you to bring a touch of the outdoors to your office Includes everything you need to grow parsley, basil and chives The herb garden is outlined with a picket fence Use the herbs to add flavour to your lunch
Aurora Mood Clock
Aurora Mood Clock £9.99
The Aurora Mood Clock works its way through no fewer than TWELVE colours as it phases through the spectrum. If you're prone to seeing only shades of grey first thing in the morning, imagine the joy of waking up to this gorgeously moody little clock, which cycles through the different colours, quietly changing on each hour to remind you that time waits for no-one. If you use it as a bedside alarm clock, you can switch off the rainbow effects while you sleep. All it takes is a gentle tap on the clock's tactile, rubbery top to light it up for about 30 seconds so that you can see the time without knocking your glass of water or book off the bedside table.
Breaking Bad Heisenberg Travel Mug
Breaking Bad Heisenberg Travel Mug £9.99
Boasting an insulated design to maintain the temperature of your hot drink, the Breaking Bad Heisenberg Travel Mug has a ceramic body which features Heisenberg's face, whilst the silicone lid doubles up as his hat. With a capacity of 340ml, the travel mug will allow you to enjoy your morning coffee or cuppa on the way to work. - L.M. Features: Breaking Bad Heisenberg Travel Mug Insulated design maintains the temperature of your hot drinks Ceramic body which features Heisenberg's face Silicone lid doubles up as his hat Capacity: 340ml Dishwasher and microwave safe
Orange Tree Toys Paddington Push Along
Orange Tree Toys Paddington Push Along £9.99
From our brand new Paddington Bear™ Collection, encourage those first steps with the perfect walking companion! Join Paddington Bear on his many adventures, with this beautiful hand painted push along. They’ll love the wooden beads clacking at the sides, as they toddle about!
Executive Desktop USB Fan - Black
Executive Desktop USB Fan - Black £9.99
Stay cool in the office and at home with the Executive Desktop USB fan. With a fan speed of 2300PRM, this powerful yet quiet fan features a tilt feature that allows you to control the direction of your cooling air and so ensuring that you remain cool and comfortable all day long. Simply plug into any USB port and be blown away by this deceptively potent machine. - L.R. Features: Executive Desktop USB Fan in black Connects to any USB port Fan speed: 2300RPM Rated at 2.1W, 5V, 420mA Measures 15cm wide
Parlane Glass Photo Frame - Portrait (100mm x 125mm)
Parlane Glass Photo Frame - Portrait (100mm x 125mm) £9.99
With a distressed finish for a classic vintage look, this portrait picture frame fulfils the Parlane mission to provide 'Pure Style. Made Simple'. Ideal for housing favourite photographs conjuring up happy memories or a combination old photographs, tickets and trinkets to create a retro style montage, the photo frame fits 4 x 5 photographs and comes ready to hang. - L.R. Features: Parlane portrait glass photo frame Distressed finish for a vintage look Fits 4 x 6 photographs Size: Dimensions: H: 12.5 x W: 10cm (fits 5 x 4 photographs)
Joseph Joseph Nest Measure - Multi
Joseph Joseph Nest Measure - Multi £9.0
Carefully measure your ingredients with Joseph Joseph Nest Measure, a eight-piece measuring cup set ranging from ¼ tsp (1.25 ml) up to 1 cup (250 ml). The cups snap neatly together when not in use to keep them organised and easy-to-store. -SA Features: Eight-piece measuring cup set Ranging from ¼ tsp (1.25 ml) up to 1 cup (250 ml) Dishwasher safe
Port Sipper Glasses by Bar Originale (2 Pack)
Port Sipper Glasses by Bar Originale (2 Pack) £8.99
Bring out the full flavour of Port with these Port Sipper Glasses. Dating back to the 17th century, use the spout to sip the port from the bottom of the glass. This reduces oxidisation and greatly improves the taste of your tipple. - L.M. Features: 2 stylish Port Sipper Glasses Enjoy the full flavour of your Port
Bright Idea USB Light
Bright Idea USB Light £8.99
What a bright idea this USB light is. A bulb set upon an articulating arm, the light is powered by USB which means there's no tricky wires, a switch or plug to deal with. Shed some light on your keyboard when working in the dark, whether it's a late night deadline you need to meet or some last minute cramming before an exam, simply connect the light to a laptop or computer. Not only is it functional, but when lit the light looks like a cool abstract piece of art. - R.K. Features: Light powered by USB Bulb set upon an articulated arm Plug in and use Compatible with Windows and Mac USB wired and USB powered bulb Glows in the dark when not powered Flexible adjustable arm Soft blue light