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by Liz - January 8th, 2016.
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I Heart Biscuits Mug
I Heart Biscuits Mug £9.99
The I Heart Biscuits Mug features a handy slot for you to insert your biscuit of choice! Featuring a 500ml capacity, this ingenious mug would make a great gift for those who like to accompany their brew with a tasty snack. - L.M. Features: I Heart Biscuits Mug 500ml capacity Slot to insert a biscuit
Selfie Me Remote Photo Shooter
Selfie Me Remote Photo Shooter £9.99
If your arm is getting tired from taking all those selfies, maybe our Retro Bluetooth Selfie Button can offer a solution. The SelfieMe is both a keyring and Bluetooth button in one, that looks like an old school camera and is easy to take with you on the go. It even comes with a handy stand for your smartphone, so you can easily position the phone, stand back and snap away. Perfect for taking selfies from afar! The SelfieMe is compatible with every type of smartphone that has Bluetooth. – N.P. Features: SelfieMe Remote Photo Shooter Keyring and Bluetooth button in one Made of plastic (housing) and metal (keyring) Compatible with every type of smartphone that has Bluetooth Size: Dimensions: H: 93.3 mm W: 45.0 mm D: 7.4 mm Weight: 19.0 g
Zombie Gnome
Zombie Gnome £9.99
This infected ornament will have your friendly garden gnomes running for cover.Made from handcrafted terracotta and weather-resistant paint, the Zombie Gnome will brave the elements to protect your back garden from intruders.Don't get too close!Features: Handcrafted terracotta Weather resistant paint Measures: 28.5 x 10 x 11.5
Lazy Bracket Desktop Smartphone Holder
Lazy Bracket Desktop Smartphone Holder £9.99
Need a helping hand around the house? The Lazy Bracket Arm smartphone holder is the ideal companion to make the most of your smartphone both at home and in the office. Ideal for making hands free calls, listening to music and watching your favourite film or series on your mobile phone, the Lazy Arm simply clips to a nearby surface and a sturdy yet incredibly flexible arm allows you to position your smartphone exactly where you need it. - L.R. Features: Lazy Bracket Arm Desktop smartphone holder Clips onto most surfaces Long, flexible arm can be positioned exactly how you want it Perfect for making hands free calls, listening to music and watching films or series on your smartphone Arm measures approximately 65cm
CarBot USB Power Splitter
CarBot USB Power Splitter £9.99
Whenever you want to charge your phone, chances are that there’s no socket in sight. With the CarBot you can now charge or power any two USB devices in your car! No need to be scared of long road trips anymore when you can stay connected all the way through with this handy gadget. LB Features: CarBot USB power splitter Works using your car’s power socket Connects two devices at the same time
12 Gauge Cartridge Shaped Shot Glass (Pack of 4)
12 Gauge Cartridge Shaped Shot Glass (Pack of 4) £8.99
The 12 Gauge Shot Glasses will make any party go off with a bang. Made from red translucent plastic and featuring a metal base, these unique shot glasses are designed to look just like empty shotgun shells. Simply load the cartridge glass with your favourite drink and fire it down the hatch. The set of four 12 Gauge Cartridges are the ideal way to get pumped up for a great night, and your friends will be blown away by these unique shot glasses. - A.D. Features: 4x shotgun shell style glasses Made from red plastic with a metal base Have a blast at parties
Toxic Pop Up Laundry Basket
Toxic Pop Up Laundry Basket £7.99
Caution! Radioactive materials...sorry, I mean clothes! Tired of that smelly washing pile on the floor belonging to your housemate, children, brother or sister? Then make a point and get them this bright green Toxic Pop Up Laundry Basket as a gift. Not only will it get that washing off the floor, but perhaps it will remind them to keep that smelly washing pile down! - J.D. Features: Pop up laundry basket Fluorescent green
Giant Beer Stein
Giant Beer Stein £7.99
If you like to enjoy a beer without countless trips to the fridge then maybe you'll be interested in getting yourself Giant Beer Stein? This tankard would be the perfect gift for those who enjoy a large cold beer or ale after a long day, or whilst the sun is shining. With a capacity to hold one litre, no longer will you have to risk missing that epic football goal or have to leave the barbecue unattended in search of a top up. - J.D. Features: Giant Beer Stein made of glass Capacity of 1 litre Plain with standard tankard dimples and handle
Xplicit Men's Santa Suit Christmas T-Shirt - Blood Red
Xplicit Men's Santa Suit Christmas T-Shirt - Blood Red £7.99
Men’s ‘Santa Suit’ red cotton jersey T-shirt with a playful Christmas-themed printed design of Santa’s classic outfit from Xplicit. Crafted from pure cotton and cut with a regular fit, the tee features a classic crew neck, short sleeves, and a straight hem with tonal stitching. Complete with Xplicit branding printed to the left sleeve. – L.R. 100% Cotton