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by Liz - January 8th, 2016.
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Prism Projection Speaker
Prism Projection Speaker £26.99
The Prism Projection Speaker is a handy gadget that provides quality music. Suitable for use with smartphones, tablets and laptops, the speaker features LED lighting projection to create a colourful backdrop and add a mood-matching visual display to your favourite tunes. The sensitivity control dial can be turned up for faster changing lighting to suit up-tempo beats or adjusted to a slower, mellow display for softer music. Ideal for parties or chilling out in the comfort of your own home. E.N. Features: Prism Projection Speaker Suitable for use with smartphones, tablets and laptops LEDs add a mood matching visual display your music On/off switch Two 3W speakers (one on each side) Front stand for audio devices Adjustable control to change light display Rear audio socket to plug in laptops or tablets Complete with a mini USB cable that fits a standard USB mains adapter