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by Liz - January 9th, 2016.
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I want one of those has these new products today
Brown Paper Bag - Insulated Lunch Bag
Brown Paper Bag - Insulated Lunch Bag £9.99
It can get boring taking your lunch to work in the same old lunch box, Tupperware, or even the dreaded plastic shopping bag! Why not make lunch time a little more quirky with this Brown Paper Bag inspired by American tradition. Don't worry, this is no ordinary paper bag. With a magnetic fastening, insulating design and sturdy leak resistant material you can be sure your food will stay the right temperature for longer whilst remaining safely in the bag. By choosing this super brown bag over the standard design, you won't be loosing the ability to write all over it, whether it be classroom doodling or notes to warn colleagues off your lunch! - J.D. Features: Made from Tyvek, a strong material Insulation to keep warm or cold Can be personalised with pen
Karoto Vegetable Peeler
Karoto Vegetable Peeler £8.99
Jazz up your salads with this Karoto Peeler, a versatile vegetable peeler. The giant pencil sharpener is designed to peel, sharpen and curl any elongated vegetable, including: carrots, parsnips and cucumbers. The peeler will produce curled, vegetable shavings to give any meal the wow factor and a design worthy of a Michelin star. J.S Features: Karoto Peeler - peels all elongated vegetables Peels, sharpens and curls Jazz up your salads and meals
Swing Time Bird Feeder
Swing Time Bird Feeder £8.99
Care for your feathered friends with the Swing Time Bird Feeder. Designed to look just like a tyre swing, the ceramic bird feeder comes with a rope, so you can hang it easily from a branch. Simply fill the tyre with seeds and nuts and watch the birds come flocking. - L.M. Features: Swing Time Bird Feeder Designed to look like a tyre swing Made of ceramic Comes with a rope for easy hanging Fill the tyre with nuts or seeds Diameter: 5.5
Premier Housewares Slate Lazy Susan
Premier Housewares Slate Lazy Susan £7.95
The Slate Lazy Susan will allow you to display and present your culinary treats on your dining table. With a revolving design, the stylish tray is perfect for afternoon tea or dinner parties as guests can spin the tray to sample all the different food on offer. – A.D. Features: Slate Lazy Susan Revolving design Perfect for afternoon tea or dinner parties Dimensions: 30 x 3cm Weight: 1.11kg
Crabtree & Evelyn Citron, Honey, Coriander Soap (140g)
Crabtree & Evelyn Citron, Honey, Coriander Soap (140g) £7.0
Crabtree & Evelyn Citron, Honey, Coriander Soap (140g) works in two ways to cleanse and moisturise your skin. Formulated with nourishing shea butter, moisturising evening primrose oil and natural, sugar-derived deodoriser, it purifies and refreshes your skin, leaving it soft, supple and delicately scented with an uplifting aroma of energising citron, lemon leaf, peppery coriander and subtle woody accents. - L.M. Directions for use: Rub over wet skin to form a lather Rinse thoroughly
Dead Write Note Pad
Dead Write Note Pad £6.99
Essentially a notepad and nifty pen-holder for the gory-minded amongst you, this pad is guaranteed to raise a titter. The blood-spattered red pen sits quite daintily in the middle of the chalk outline-style pad, ready for you to pick up and cover it with red ink.
Gin and Titonic
Gin and Titonic £6.99
We all know that sinking feeling one gets from having to settle for a warm drink. Well you can always rely on us to have something of questionable taste to solve the problem of a warm G and T. Chill your drink and make it a night to remember (providing you don't drink too many) with this gloriously tasteless Titanic and iceberg ice mould. The mould gives you 4 ships and 4 icebergs, so there's enough for any friends who decide to set sail with you and join you on top deck for a couple of cool ones. You may not be invited to the Captain's table, but at least your drink will be nice and cool and you won't have to suffer the indignity of Winslet and De Caprio gushing away to Celine Dion in the background.
Fetch My Keys - Key Finder
Fetch My Keys - Key Finder £6.99
If you're always losing your keys, mans best friend is here to help. Attach Fetch My Keys to your keys and it will respond to your whistle, and alert you to where your keys are by setting off a beeper. This also causes the pup's nose to flash which will also help you to locate your keys. - A.D. Features: Dog shaped key finder Beeps when you whistle Nose flashes