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by Liz - January 12th, 2016.
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Organic Chocolate Making Workshop in Brighton
Organic Chocolate Making Workshop in Brighton £49
Make delicious chocolates using exotic flavours and organic chocolate, with a chocolate-making class in Brighton. Learn how to create luxury pieces of chocolate using truffle and choc fudge fillings, and decorative ingredients including coconut white chocolate shavings, edible stars and hearts. As a bonus - participants in the class make giant chocolate buttons. In addition find out how the raw ingredients are transformed into delicious chocolates. At the end of the chocolate-making workshop, each participant is given some chocolates to take home.
Organic Chocolate Making Workshop in Manchester
Organic Chocolate Making Workshop in Manchester £49
This chocolate workshop using organic chocolate based in Manchester is an opportunity to learn fundamental aspects about making chocolate from a master chocolatier. Step into the kitchen and find out the important steps in turning the cocoa bean into a distinctive masterpiece. Then make your own personalised unique chocolates or giant buttons, which can be taken home to share with friends and loved ones.
Organic Chocolate Making Workshop
Organic Chocolate Making Workshop £49
Smell the alluring aroma of chocolate as you head towards the kitchen, irresistible. Be briefed on the chocolate making process which takes the raw bean on its journey into the treats we all love. Next, get involved and play with molten organic chocolate by cooling it down to the perfect consistency. Go on to make fresh truffles from raw ingredients and cut, dip and decorate them. To create a new taste sensation, chilli or another exotic ingredient can be mixed into the fine organic chocolate. Additionally, make giant buttons and take home all your creations at the end, with recipes too.
Organic Chocolate Making Workshop in London
Organic Chocolate Making Workshop in London £49
This organic chocolate making workshop based in London is a perfect opportunity to learn the skills of an expert chocolatier. Learn how to make homemade treats using delicious decorations and organic chocolate and the perfect chocolate truffles from raw ingredients. You'll be able to experiment with flavours and can mix chilli and other exotic components to create amazing new chocolate sensations. At the end of the session, take home some personally created chocolates or some giant buttons.