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by Liz - January 14th, 2016.
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Smooth Groove - White
Smooth Groove - White was £14.99, Now only £12.99
Smooth Groove - White Stuck in a rut? Smooth that ladybulge with the SmoothGroove from Find Me a Gift! Resembling a tiny shoe horn, it is made in the UK from medical-grade polymers and antibacterial additives. Ideal for when you just HAVE to wear that leotard; Smooth Groove will keep your 'chair bear' securely hidden away for a cleftless crotch. Elegantly presented in a satin pouch and gift box, you can be fairly certain that she hasn't already got one of these! Use the velcro dots for optimum positioning when attempting more vigorous movements such as star jumps and lunges! This is the WHITE version. Key Product Features: Smooth Groove is contoured to fit your body, Stick the Velcro pads to your panties and camel toe eliminator for extra control, It measures approx 9.5 cm x 4 cm x 1 cm, Wash with warm water after each use, Great pamper gifts for women!,