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by John - January 15th, 2016.
Filed under: Firebox, Price Reductions, under £30, under £25, under £20.
Firebox reduced the price on these lines today
Mocoro Robot Cleaning Ball
Mocoro Robot Cleaning Ball was £24.99, Now only £19.99
You can turn up "I want to break free" as loud as you like, hoovering is still a pain in the backside AND it eats up hours of your precious time. But now, thanks to a marvel of eccentric Japanese engineering, you can put your feet up and let the Mocoro Robot Cleaning Ball do all the work.
Marshmallow Vodka
Marshmallow Vodka was £24.99, only £19.99
Whether melted over the BBQ, perched atop a Rocky Road or just squished into your salivating jaws by the fistful - everyone enjoys a good marshmallow. And now a sweet-toothed mixologist has done the decent thing and created Marshmallow Vodka!
Galaxy Saturn Backpack
Galaxy Saturn Backpack was £24.99, only £19.99
Sling this interstellar piece of fashion over your shoulder and you'll be light years ahead of your boring-bagged compadres.
Boom Box Touch Speaker
Boom Box Touch Speaker was £24.99, only £19.99
Portable party speakers - everyone wants to get a piece of the action (selfishly enforce their own impeccable music tastes) but too often they're thwarted by an outdated iPod connector or a missing 3.5mm jack. You really need a speaker that plays nicely with all devices, you need the Boom Box Speaker.