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by Liz - January 15th, 2016.
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Conundrum Red Wine Glasses (Set of 4)
Conundrum Red Wine Glasses (Set of 4) £24.99
Crafted from hand blown glass, the Conundrum set of four red wine glasses features an innovative new design with finger placement slots offering a more comfortable grip than traditional stemmed wine glasses. A weighted flat bottom allows the glass to rest securely when out of your hands, and a large 470ml capacity is perfect for a generous splash of red. The wine glasses are also dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. – L.R. Features: Conundrum Red Wine Glasses Set of four glasses Made from hand blown glass Innovative new design features comfortable finger placement slots Dishwasher safe Size: Dimensions: H: 12 x Dia: 9.5cm Capacity: 470ml
LEGO Ninjago: Raid Zeppelin (70603)
LEGO Ninjago: Raid Zeppelin (70603) £24.99
Swerve clear of the Zeppelin’s powerful cannons and dynamite dropped through the trap door. Fire the flyer’s elemental ice stud shooters and board the airship. Face-off against Doubloon and Clancee to grab the Djinn Blade and free your fellow Ninja warrior Jay! Features: Includes 3 minifigures: Zane, Doubloon and Clancee. The Raid Zeppelin airship features a spring-activated pirate cannon, 2 stud shooters, anchor-shaped fold-out wings, trapdoor function to drop a barrel of dynamite (or minifigures), adjustable pirate flag and translucent fire elements. Zane’s flyer features handlebars, 2 adjustable hover blades and 2 elemental ice stud shooters. Weapons include a translucent dark-blue Djinn Blade with ‘trapped Jay’ element, Zane’s 2 golden katanas and2 golden shurikens, Doubloon’s 2 pirate swords and Clancee’s broomstick. Recreate and role-play epic scenes from the NINJAGO™: Masters of Spinjitzu TV show. Raid Zeppelin measures over 5” (15cm) high, 11” (29cm) long and 6” (16cm) wide. Zane’s flyer measures over 3” (1cm) high, 1” (5cm) long and 4” (11cm) wide.
Creative HS-450 Gaming Headset - Black
Creative HS-450 Gaming Headset - Black £24.99
Comfortable padding with noise-canceling microphone delivers an edge over your gaming adversaries. Explosions and gunshots never sounded so real. Features: Compact headset for PC gaming Designed for marathon PC gaming sessions and Internet chats, the Creative HS-450 headset is the perfect companion for those spending long hours in front of the PC or notebook. Sporting a lightweight frame and cushioned earpads, the HS-450 allows for extensive wear without you feeling uncomfortable. Wear the HS-450 and have a blast with your games today! Enhance your gameplay Immerse yourself in your games as the powerful 40mm Neodymium magnet drivers allow you to experience gunshots and explosions sounding just like the real thing. Crisp clarity The noise-canceling microphone prevents background noise from interfering with your conversations, letting you achieve clear speech and gaming commands. Convenient controls Adjust the volume level conveniently through the in-line volume control. A mute control is also included where you can mute the microphone anytime you want. Specifications: Audio Drivers - 40mm Neodymium magnet Headset Frequency Response - 20Hz ~ 20kHz Interface - 3.5mm gold-plated plug Microphone - Microphone Type: Noise Canceling Condenser,Frequency Response: 100Hz ~ 16kHz,Sensitivity: -42dBV/Pa In the box: 1 pair of Creative HS-450 headset
Copper Bullet Cocktail Shaker
Copper Bullet Cocktail Shaker £24.99
Make sure you hit your target at your next house party, barbecue or on the weekend with the Copper Bullet Cocktail Shaker. Whether you prefer a Martini straight from the canister of 007 or a chilled Caipirinha inspired by the shores of Brazil, the Bullet Cocktail Shaker features a solid copper construction that retains the cool temperature of your cocktail and a secure lid that ensures you can shake with minimal mess to give maximum flavour. The cocktail mixer’s eye-catching projectile design makes for an intriguing addition to your kitchen as well as an ideal gift for a friend who really wants to start (…or finish) their night off with a bang! – L.R. Features: Copper Bullet Cocktail Shaker Solid copper construction retains the temperature of your cocktail as you shake Secure copper lid ideal for shaking or stirring Novelty design in the shape of a bullet Size: Dimensions: H: 27 x Diameter: 7.5cm Capacity: 700ml
Microsoft Wired USB Desktop 600 Keyboard and Mouse Set
Microsoft Wired USB Desktop 600 Keyboard and Mouse Set £24.99
Wired Desktop 600 This keyboard and mouse set combines a spill-resistant keyboard and optical mouse to deliver all the features you need and more, with Microsoft quality and reliability. Wired Simplicity Wireless technology has many benefits, but sometimes you need to have something wired, so you have the confidence the keyboard and mouse will always be working – no swapping batteries with the TV remote. Both parts of this desktop set are wired and provide 72 inches of cable length, so you can be sure that they will connect to your PC's USB ports, no matter what your desk set up is. Quiet and Durable Quiet touch keys and a spill resistant design mean you can drink at your desktop and tap away furiously and not worry about a spilt drink breaking anything, or annoying those around you. Covers the basics Windows keys, media keys, calculator, number pad and scroll wheels. This keyboard and mouse set covers all the basics that you would expect, with the added bonus of having the high quality build associated with Microsoft PC Accessories. Comfortable Precision Sculpted curves to fit your hand ensure that whether you are left or right handed this mouse remains comfortable to use. Add this to the 800 DPI (dots per inch) optical sensor, you can quickly click even the smallest button on your screen.
LEGO Architecture: Berlin (21027)
LEGO Architecture: Berlin (21027) £24.99
Shop for groceries and treats to fill your trolley!It’s time for Mia’s weekly shop, so join her at Heartlake Supermarket and grab a trolley from the trolley park. Explore the aisles together—what will you buy today? Pick up some fresh fruit and vegetables, breakfast cereals and sushi before you head to the bakery corner where Daniel is offering fresh cookies for tasting. Don’t forget to stop at the beauty stand before you go to the checkout!Includes Mia and shop worker Daniel mini-doll figures.Features a 1-story supermarket building with opening doors and swivel function to open up the model for easy play inside.The Supermarket features a fruit display, breakfast aisle, fish display, meat and cheese counter, fridge, bakery counter, turning beauty stand and a checkout with candy display.Outside the Supermarket is a stand selling newspapers and flowers, a fruit crate and a trolley park with rolling trolley.Food accessory elements include a watermelon, pineapple, cherries, grapes, lemon, orange, breakfast cereal, orange juice, marmalade, chocolate, chicken leg, cheese, fish, sushi, apple pies, cookies, cupcakes, milk, bottles and cans.Shopping accessory elements include a coin, bill, aisle flag, shopping list, scales, tongs, bag, newspaper and flowers.Beauty accessory elements include a brush, lipstick, a bow and 2 perfume bottles.Take a trolley from the trolley park and roll it through the supermarkets aisles.Use the tongs to display the cakes and cookies at the bakery counter.Turn the beauty stand to pick out a gift for a friend.This set offers an age-appropriate building experience for ages 6 -12.This set includes 313 bricks.Heartlake Supermarket measures over 3” (10cm) high, 7” (19cm) wide and 6” (16cm) deep when closed, and over 3” (10cm) high, 11” (28cm) wide and 4” (12cm) deep when opened out.
LEGO Architecture: Venice (21026)
LEGO Architecture: Venice (21026) £24.99
Capture the architectural essence of Venice with this magnificent set that brings together the iconic Rialto Bridge, St. Mark’s Basilica, St. Mark’s Campanile, St. Theodore and the Winged Lion of St. Mark, and the Bridge of Sighs, in an inspirational skyline setting. Each individual LEGO® structure is designed to provide a unique and rewarding building experience, with true-to-life colour and relative scale depiction. Rivers and canals are represented in the tiled baseplate, adding an extra dimension and feel of authenticity to this detailed recreation of one of the world’s most beautiful cities. Features: LEGO® interpretation of the Venice skyline. Features the Rialto Bridge, St. Marks Basilica, St. Mark's Campanile, St. Theodore and the Winged Lion of St. Mark, and the Bridge of Sighs. Venice’s rivers and canals are represented by blue tiles in the baseplate. The included booklet contains information about the designer, architecture and history of each structure, as well as historical facts about Venice and its architectural heritage (English and Italian language only. Other languagesavailable for download at St. Mark's Campanile features a special deco of the Winged Lion of St. Mark. Includes a 4x32 tiled base with decorative “Venice” nameplate. Recreate the world's most beautiful cities with the LEGO® Architecture Skyline Collection. LEGO® Architecture celebrates the world of architecture through the medium of the LEGO brick, and is developed for all with an interest in design, architecture and history. Measures 5” (14cm) high, 9” (2 5cm) wide and 1” (3cm) deep.
LEGO Technic: Race Kart (42048)
LEGO Technic: Race Kart (42048) £24.99
Zoom around the circuit with this supercool 2-in-1 replica of a real-life race kart, featuring a detailed engine with moving piston, fuel tank and huge exhaust pipes. Tilt the sleek orange racing seat to reveal the working transmission. Then jump aboard and check out the working steering, two-speed gearbox and cool foot pedals! This ultra-fast machine comes with an awesome purple and orange color scheme, slick tires and cool racing stickers! Rebuild it to create a powerful Track Car. Interactive, 3D Digital LEGO® Building Instructions app available online, for both models! Features a sleek, authentic design, wide rims with slick racing tires, working steering and gearbox, detailed engine with moving piston, fuel tank, foot pedals and huge exhaust pipes. Check out the purple and orange color scheme with sporty racing stickers. Tilt the racing seat to reveal the working transmission. Zoom around the racetrack. This LEGO® Technic model is designed to provide an immersive and rewarding building experience. Appropriate for children aged 9 to 16. Interactive, 3D Digital LEGO® Building Instructions app available online for both A and B models. 2-in-1 model: rebuilds into a Track Car. Race Kart measures over 3” (8cm) high, 9” (23cm) long and 4” (12cm) wide. Track Car measures over 3” (8cm) high, 9” (25cm) long and 4” (12cm) wide.
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