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by Liz - January 15th, 2016.
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Red Letter Days has these new lines today
45% off Segway Rally in London
45% off Segway Rally in London £24
Experience the unique sensation of the Segway with this challenging off road experience in London. Designed using specialised self-balancing technology, the Segway keeps the rider upright and in control at all times, creating a truly novel way of getting around. Begin the experience with a discussion on safety before a comprehensive training session on the Segway's controls. Once fully acquainted with the vehicle, take on an off road rally course consisting of a variety of different terrains, surroundings and (for those feeling confident), plenty of overtaking sections. To conclude, take home a certificate as a special memento of the session.
45% off Segway Rally in Hampshire
45% off Segway Rally in Hampshire £24
This fun and challenging Segway rally in Winchester offers an ideal opportunity to experience a completely novel mode of transport. The Segway works using specialised self-balancing technology, allowing the rider to manipulate the controls with smooth body movements. Begin with a comprehensive safety briefing, before an instructional session on the Segway's features and controls. Once familiarised, set off on a natural, multi-terrain track to put the Segway through its paces - and with plenty of overtaking sections en route, there are a plenty of chances to get competitive. A must for any avid adventurer!
45% off Segway Rally in Buckinghamshire
45% off Segway Rally in Buckinghamshire £24
Experience the thrills and spills of an off road rally on a completely different mode of transport with this Segway experience in Buckinghamshire. After getting familiar with the Segway controls, set off on a natural rally track to experience the capabilities of this incredible vehicle first-hand. With a selection of terrain and plenty overtaking sections en route, there's a real chance to let your competitive streak loose! The Segway is specially-designed to allow the user to manipulate its controls using body movements, creating a sensation unlike any other. To conclude, take home a certificate as a special keepsake.
45% off Segway Rally in Norfolk
45% off Segway Rally in Norfolk £24
The Segway is a new marvel of technology that is self balancing, keeping riders upright and in complete control. Made to feel as simple as walking, it offers a feeling akin to hovering above the ground, making a novel and thrilling mode of getting around. Start with a full instruction and safety briefing, then get to grips with the Segway controls. Set off on a rally trail and pass through a selection of natural surroundings to put learning into Segway racing practice. With overtaking sections en route there is plenty of opportunity to let your competitive streak loose! The experience concludes with a certificate presentation.
45% off Segway Rally in Cheshire
45% off Segway Rally in Cheshire £24
Embark on a journey with a difference on this off road Segway rally in Cheshire. The Segway uses a unique form of self-balancing technology which allows it to be controlled using body movements, resulting in a smooth and natural ride. Kick things off with a comprehensive safety briefing, followed by a training session conducted by a fully qualified instructor. Once acquainted with the Segway's controls, head to an off road rally trail to experience its full capabilities. Push the Segway to its limits whilst negotiating the tracks many twists and turns. For the particularly competitive, there are overtaking sections throughout to add an extra challenging element. To conclude, take home a certificate as a special memento.
45% off Segway Rally in Staffordshire
45% off Segway Rally in Staffordshire £24
With an original and innovative design, the Segway creates the unusual sensation of hovering above the ground and the Segway rally in Staffordshire provides the opportunity to experience this incredible vehicle first-hand. Following a safety briefing, receive practical instruction on the Segway's controls before heading to a multi-terrain off road track. Ride through a mixture of natural areas whilst putting the vehicle through its paces. For the more confident, the track features various overtaking sections to add a competitive edge to the journey. To finish, receive a certificate to take home.
English Winery Tour and Wine Tasting for Two at Eastcott Vineyard, Devon
English Winery Tour and Wine Tasting for Two at Eastcott Vineyard, Devon £24
Visit Eastcott Vineyard in Devon for a tour of the winery and talk on the process of creating English wine. Learn what goes into every bottle, through a tour of the winemaking process with the owners and hear about England's intriguing wine producing history and how it has grown on a commercial scale. At the end of this interesting tour, enjoy an informal wine tasting in the winery with at least two different locally produced wines. There is also a 10 per cent discount on all sparkling wine bought on the day.
40% off Monster Truck Ride
40% off Monster Truck Ride £24
Ideal for adults and kids alike, experience the ride of a lifetime in the back of this 7.5 tonne, 19 foot long American monster truck known as Mayhem at a venue in either Aldermaston (Berkshire), Telford (Shropshire) or Buxton (Derbyshire). Following a safety briefing, get strapped in over 11 foot up in the air and feel the unbelievable power of this impressive beast's growling 300 bhp, six litre engine. Specifically engineered to launch itself over cars with a group of white-knuckle passengers in the back, the bounding and crushing ability of this behemoth is breathtaking. Unique in the UK, take a spin around the site in the back of this brute meeting sharp corners, mounds and even driving over and obliterating a car along the journey.
45% off Segway Rally in Hertfordshire
45% off Segway Rally in Hertfordshire £24
Based on self-balancing technology, the Segway is controlled by natural body movements, making it a unique and exciting mode of transport. Following a detailed safety briefing, receive an instructional training session on the Segway's controls before heading out on an outdoor rally trail. Ride through a variety of different terrains and natural surroundings as you negotiate the twists and turns of the trail whilst pushing the Segway to its limits. For the particularly confident, there are several overtaking sections along the way to add an extra completive edge. This experience is a must for any thrill seeker!
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