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by Liz - January 15th, 2016.
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MiG-29 Edge of Space Program from Russia
MiG-29 Edge of Space Program from Russia £12500
Experience the most mind-blowing aerial adventure imaginable, a supersonic flight to the edge of space in a MiG-29. Head to Russia's world-renowned Sormovo Airfield for the trip of a lifetime, usually reserved for the likes of astronauts and cosmonauts. After meeting the instructor and ground staff for a full pre-mission briefing, don a g-suit and get strapped into the mighty MiG-29. Hold on tight for a jaw-dropping vertical take-off and climb to the very edge of the atmosphere, breaking the sound barrier and experiencing a barrage of aerial acrobatics along the way. Once at 80,000 feet, the awesome sight of the curvature of the Earth will take your breath away and make a memory to last a lifetime. Literally, out of this world.
Zero Gravity flight from Russia
Zero Gravity flight from Russia £4500
Based in Russia's Star City, this IL-76 MDK zero gravity flight offers a once in a lifetime opportunity to experience weightlessness. Receive a briefing and medical combined with a guided tour of Star City, home to the world's largest centrifuge. On the morning of the flight, take a bus to the Chkalovsky Airfield to board the IL-76 MDK. Weightlessness is achieved by flying to 24,000 feet and increasing the angle of the aircraft, eventually reaching 32,000 feet and creating a pull of 1.8Gs. The plane is then pushed over to create zero gravity and for the next 20 - 30 seconds everything in the plane is weightless, before flyers are able to stabilize on the aircraft floor. This is repeated 15 times, each taking 10 miles of airspace to perform.
Fly in a Spitfire
Fly in a Spitfire £2750
For the first time in UK history, experience the unique thrill of a breathtaking passenger flight in a Spitfire TR9. Originally used by the RAF to train Second World War pilots, there are just eight of these stunning two-seater aircraft left operational in the world. Hear the Rolls-Royce Merlin engine roar into life as you prepare to take to the skies for a 20 minute round trip over the coast of the English Channel, the location of so many wartime airborne fights. Witness the Spitfire's famous elliptical wing passing over England's green and pleasant land and marvel at the power, manoeuvrability and grace of this iconic warbird which is now over 70 years old. This is an exceptional chance to enjoy a truly unforgettable high flying experience.
Aero L-39 Jet Flight in Germany
Aero L-39 Jet Flight in Germany £2000
Not for the faint hearted, this intensely thrilling Aero L-39 Albatross flight from Germany's Paderborn Airport is one of the world's most exciting flying experiences. The L-39 was the standard jet trainer in the Warsaw Pact countries and now you can enjoy its amazing capabilities from high up in the co-pilot's seat. Meet a seasoned instructor for a comprehensive pre-flight briefing, before suiting up and boarding the L-39 Albatross in preparation for some serious aerial action. Soar to sensational heights and experience aerobatic spins, loops, low level flying and tail chasing as the dramatic landscape unfolds beneath - there's even a chance to take over the controls. For aviation fans, this really is the flight of a lifetime.
Stay and Play Like a Star at Chewton Glen
Stay and Play Like a Star at Chewton Glen £1699
Feel like a international pop star for the night with this luxurious escape to Chewton Glen, an elegant country house nestled in 130 acres of gorgeous country grounds in Hampshire. Stay in a Treehouse Studio Suite, an amazingly spacious room set in a tree canopy of a wooded valley. With a complimentary buggy service to the main hotel, the suite has it all. From an outside terrace with a hot tub and day beds, a king size bed, seating area and kitchenette to a flat screen TV and a bathroom with free standing bath. Tuck into a five-course dinner menu at the hotel restaurant Vetiver and the package also includes a day for one person at Beach Recording Studios. Record and produce a star quality track with master CD and digital recording to take home.
Survival in The Highlands with Bear Grylls Survival Academy
Survival in The Highlands with Bear Grylls Survival Academy £1399
Bear Grylls is the ultimate survivor as demonstrated on his hit TV shows including 'Man vs. Wild', 'Escape from Hell' and more recently, Channel 4's 'The Island'. Test your mettle on the extreme five day survival skills course, delivered by highly trained instructors, hand-picked by Bear and his team of experts. Learn survival techniques such as navigation, ascending cliff faces, self-defence, fire lighting, stalking prey, purifying water and the practical use of snares, traps and drop out fishing lines. Build an emergency shelter, cook some exciting wilderness food, undertake a night navigation exercise and learn how to cross rivers and ravines safely. End with a 30 hour 'Island drop' challenge that puts all new found skills to the ultimate test.
Exclusive Luxurious Break for Two at Spitbank Fort
Exclusive Luxurious Break for Two at Spitbank Fort £1000
Make it an occasion to remember with a night of secluded luxury at Spitbank Fort. Originally built in 1878 to protect Britain from invasion, the fort has since been transformed into a boutique hotel situated the middle of the Solent, which boasts unrivalled views and exceptional accommodation. Arrive at the departure lounge for tea, coffee and a 'tot of rum' before travelling by boat to your luxurious home away from home. Spend one night at the fort and enjoy lunch, a fully-guided tour, a champagne reception with canapes in the Crow's Nest and an evening meal with coffee. The next morning, sit down to breakfast and take home a hamper which includes two bottles of Laurent Perrier champagne and treats including caviar and gentleman's relish.
Ultimate Men's Suit Tailoring Experience in London
Ultimate Men's Suit Tailoring Experience in London £1000
Head to celebrated men's tailor McCann Bespoke in London and follow in the footsteps of sport's stars such as Sir Ian Botham and Gareth Southgate. Kick things off with a glass of Pommery champagne or Langley's No.8 gin, before getting a personal consultation from an experienced tailor to discuss your personal tastes and requirements. Once a design is agreed, get measured for your suit (using a handsome £900 gift card as credit), picked from a selection of exceptional trims, stitching, pockets, fabrics, cuts and embroideries, finished with the signature McCann Bespoke red tab - a mark of pure quality. Also, receive a 10% discount on any extra purchases on the day, as well as a second, return fitting - the ultimate in men's tailoring.
Lowlands Survival with Bear Grylls Survival Academy
Lowlands Survival with Bear Grylls Survival Academy £999
Bear Grylls is the ultimate survivor as proven on his popular TV shows including 'Man vs. Wild', 'Escape from Hell' and 'The Island'. Test your courage on this extreme four day survival skills course, run by highly trained instructors, hand-picked by Bear and his team. Learn survival techniques such as knife use, knots and improvised harnesses, navigation, remote and improvised First Aid, practical use of snares, traps and drop out fishing lines, purifying water, foraging, skinning and gutting wild food, self defence, self preservation and primal instinct training. End with a 24 hour challenge where you must survive on the moor as a team running, jumping, climbing and swimming using the skills you've learnt to make it back to civilisation.
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