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by Liz - January 16th, 2016.
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Novelty Fart Fan
Novelty Fart Fan £5.99
Novelty Fart Fan The best novelty gifts for men are often extremely simple and there isn't a lady out there who hasn't been on the receiving end of their man's flatulence. The answer my friend, is blowing in the wind! Fight fire with fire, or rather fight wind with wind. Many children and a disturbing number of adults think farting is the funniest thing ever, and there are still grown men in this world that tell fart jokes and laugh at the idea of breaking wind. As soon as you hear or smell the offending waft, grab your mini fan and give the flatulence fanatic a taste of his own medicine. WARNING: THIS ITEM DOES NOT WORK iF YOU FART IN A CROWDED LIFT BECAUSE THERE IS NOWHERE FOR THE SMELL TO GO. BESIDES, EVERYONE WILL KNOW IT'S YOU Key Product Features: .,