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by Liz - January 16th, 2016.
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John Adams Star Wars Domino Express Assault on Hoth
John Adams Star Wars Domino Express Assault on Hoth £19.99
Domino Express set with tricks and stunts set in the Star Wars universe. This is the ideal box to begin your Star Wars Domino Express collection . Includes over 70 dominos!
B. Jungle Jingles
B. Jungle Jingles £19.99
B Jungle Jingles. Get the jungle jumping with six really wild instruments! The B Jungle Jingles set includes a 10-bell tambourine with snake stick, Antelope slide whistle, Twister hand drum and two shaka-shaka giraffe maracasA fantastic way of keeping your children and may be there friends kids busy for hours.All of the instruments come packed in a 100% reusable and recyclable storage carry bag with a lovely yellow carry handle.B has been relentless in choosing the most recycled of recyclable materials they can to package all their toys. Reduce, Reuse and Recycle is a way of life at B.B plan for reuse at the very beginning, so B Jingle Jingles comes in its very own bag that feels almost like a fabric but is actually made from polypropylene which is a material that’s recycled from things like trainers and is completely biodegradable. Wherever possible, B have omitted as much packaging as they can and some of their toys like this one just come with a simple gift tag and label so you can personalise your gift or present. Every B toy that’s sold, B donates 10¢ to the charity Free the Children, it may not sound a lot but as the dimes add up they change the World. B on the look out for more great B products.Packaging: 35.6x9.5x28cm
Tidlo Leopard Chair
Tidlo Leopard Chair £19.99
Beautifully crafted animal chair featuring the new Tidlo animal illustrationsSeat Height: 26cm
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