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by Liz - January 16th, 2016.
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Arcade PICO Drone 2.4G Mini Pocket Quadcopter - Blue
Arcade PICO Drone 2.4G Mini Pocket Quadcopter - Blue £24.99
Arcade offers you the chance to ignore the boundaries and play in a totally new way. It is impossible not to love the gadgets and toys that have no limits, so buckle up for more joy and laughter than you thought possible! Arcade Pico The Pico drone is our new and extremely tiny quadcopter, although its size is unbelievably small this micro drone is mighty powerful. We have managed to pack the pocket size Pico drone full of features usually only found on much larger models. Ultra portable The clever way that the mini drone can be stored in its own controller means that you never have to worry about losing it and the simple controls allow anyone to start flying in moments! To increase its portability the toggle sticks are fully removable and can be conveniently stored in the controller, you don't have to worry about them snapping off or getting damaged as you travel. Radical flips and rolls Unleash your creativity with the radical flips and rolls that you can perform with the Pico Drone. Learn the different ways you can manipulate the gyro stabilisers, and amaze your friends with your daredevil antics. 3 Speed Modes This quad copter has three independent speed modes ranging from beginner to expert mode to test your flying skills. Headless Mode The inbuilt headless mode allows the drone to automatically calculate its orientation so that you don't have to, the controls will remain in the same direction regardless of which way the drone is facing. This mode can be toggled on or off using the controller and allows for easier flying for beginners. 8 bright LEDs The mini drone incorporates 8 bright LEDs for awesome night flying. The LEDs are individually coloured to help you easily spot the drone and to tell its orientation even in the dark. Hand-throw launch The tiny Arcade Pico drone can be launched directory from the palm of your hand or will even automatically recover from a light throw using the internal 6-axis gyro sensors. Auto-return to home We have incorporated the ability for the drone to return directly to you with the one button return mode. This function will cause the quadcopter to automatically begin flying backwards with no further controller input required. Specifications: Battery: 80 mAh, 3.7 V, LiPo Controller battery: 2x AAA batteries (not included) Charge time: up to 30 minutes Approx flight time: up to 5 minutes Control distance: up to 40 m
B. Pet Vet
B. Pet Vet £23.99
When “Meow” turns into “Me-ouch”, it’s up to you! This great Pet Vet set comes with its very own carry handle so you can take it round to your fiends. It has 4 private rooms with colour-match keys. Two really cute plush patients Dog and a cat with x-rays.Owl pal pops out of chimney, Slide-out examination table with vital signs display and 4 vet tools store right inside: syringe, thermometer, scale.B have been relentless in choosing the most recycled of recyclable materials they can to package their toys. Reduce, Reuse and Recycle is a way of life at B.Wherever possible, B have omitted as much packaging as possible.Packaging is made from recycled materials printed with Soy based inks and is 100% recyclable,this toy comes with a pretty gift tag.PKG 31.8x10.2x29.2cm
John Adams Golden Coin Maker
John Adams Golden Coin Maker £22.99
Melt, wrap and stamp your own chocolate-filled, golden coins and medals; Choose from around 20 messages and pictures including: congratulations, good luck, happy birthday, smiley face, football, and lots more! Alternatively, create your own personalised designs, using the tools supplied, before wrapping coins and medals in golden foil. The Coin Makers work with any chocolate buttons and foil, allowing you to replace components and keep your production line moving! Chocolate not included.
John Adams Glow in the Dark Science Kit
John Adams Glow in the Dark Science Kit £22.99
Glow in the Dark Science is the fun-filled kit that allows you to create amazing luminous science effects that really glow when the lights go out. Astound your friends and family as you explore 9 radioactive – like glowing experiments. Make your own neon-like tube signs, pour liquid light, make glowing ectoplasm, explode a glow in the dark depth charge, and make edible jelly with a radioactive-like glow & much more!!
B. Rally Ripster
B. Rally Ripster £22.99
The little B. Rally Ripster radio controlled car beeps and flashes different colour lights and also spins! Don't be worried about spinning out of control and hitting the wall or sofa etc. as this clever car will simply turn around and off it goes again. Designed for little hands and big laughs simple with operation.Try it in the dark colours light up your room like a toddler disco. Powerful radio signal works across rooms.B have been relentless in choosing the most recycled and recyclable materials they can to package their toys. Reduce, Reuse and Recycle is a way of life at B.Wherever they can B have omitted as much packaging as possible.Packaging is made from recycled materials printed with Soy based inks and is 100% recyclable. Every B toy that’s sold, B donates 10¢ to free the children, it may not sound a lot but as the dimes add up they change the World4 AA (1.5v) batteries included for the car9V battery not included for the remote16.5x12.7x10.2cm
John Adams Chocolate Lolly Maker
John Adams Chocolate Lolly Maker £22.99
Melt, mould and wrap 4 fun chocolate lolly shapes with this fantastic workstation: a flower, heart, horse and rabbit. It’s quick and easy, simply melt and pour chocolate into the moulds and add a secret message to the back. Wrap your lolly in the shiny bags and tie on ribbons provided for a fabulous finishing touch. These chocolate lollies are perfect for gifts to your family or friend. Chocolate not included.
John Adams The Chase Board Game
John Adams The Chase Board Game £22.99
Pit your general knowledge skills against one of the four Chasers, the ruthless quiz geniuses determined to stop you winning at all costs. Start by answering quick fire questions against the clock to build up your prize fund. Now take that money into The Chase and meet your Chaser – The Beast, he Destroyer, The Governess or The Sinnerman. You must stay one step away from them to win. 3 to 6 players.
Tidlo Elephant Chair
Tidlo Elephant Chair £22.99
Beautifully crafted animal chair featuring the new Tidlo animal illustrationsSeat Height: 26cm