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by Liz - January 20th, 2016.
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Brown Paper Bag - Insulated Lunch Bag
Brown Paper Bag - Insulated Lunch Bag £9.99
It can get boring taking your lunch to work in the same old lunch box, Tupperware, or even the dreaded plastic shopping bag! Why not make lunch time a little more quirky with this Brown Paper Bag inspired by American tradition. Don't worry, this is no ordinary paper bag. With a magnetic fastening, insulating design and sturdy leak resistant material you can be sure your food will stay the right temperature for longer whilst remaining safely in the bag. By choosing this super brown bag over the standard design, you won't be loosing the ability to write all over it, whether it be classroom doodling or notes to warn colleagues off your lunch! - J.D. Features: Made from Tyvek, a strong material Insulation to keep warm or cold Can be personalised with pen
Slendertone Replacement Pads - Abs System
Slendertone Replacement Pads - Abs System £9.99
Slendertone Replacement Pads - Abs System Bt These Slendertone Replacement Pads are a set of three self-adhesive pads, suitable for the Slendertone Abs System or the Slendertone Flex Abs products. All good things must come to an end, so when you start to notice that your original pads are giving you discomfort, or don't pack as much power or adhesion as they used to, then this pack of pads is ideal to replace them with. Recommended to be replaced after 20-30 uses.
Skechers Wrist Band Watch & Heart Rate Monitor - Black
Skechers Wrist Band Watch & Heart Rate Monitor - Black £9.99
Keeping an eye on your heart rate is easy with the Skechers Go Walk FitWatch. Boasting quick touch technology, this device tracks your heart rate without a chest strap and the amount of steps you take. Features: Doubles as heart rate monitor and watch. Strapless heart rate design with no chest strap required–just put two fingers on the metal nodes at the ends of the watch face to get a reading. Fast and easy ECG accurate heart rate. Large backlit LCD screen. LCD displays heart rate and other data. Functions as a stopwatch, clock, calendar, alarm and countdown timer. Water resistant
Travelogue Holiday Memories Set
Travelogue Holiday Memories Set £9.99
Jetting off on a memorable adventure? Then the Travelogue will become your new best friend! It's a great gift for somebody who is about to embark on their gap year abroad, or simply for those who love to explore the world. Designed just for the traveller, it includes 64 pages of high-quality paper for documenting your journey. You'll also find great tips and advice enclosed inside and 8 miniature scratch maps, which represent the different regions in the world. Document every little step of your journey by writing about and scratching off all the places you've visited. You'll end up with a journal packed full of memories from your travels that you can look back on fondly and share with you're loved ones. - J.F. Features: Travel journal 64 pages of high quality paper Tips and advice 8 miniature scratch maps A great way to record memories of your journey
Scratch Map - UK Edition
Scratch Map - UK Edition £9.99
If you love bragging about your travels to your friends and family, The Scratch Map is ideal for you. This UK Edition is a map of the British Isles, with a unique scratchable surface that lets you scratch off all the places that you've been lucky enough to visit. Simply rub the map like a scratch card to remove the silver foil and reveal beautiful geographical details of all the cities you've been to. This is an excellent way to help you hold on to the memories of your travels across the UK, and will make an interesting decorative piece to hang on your wall. - L.M. Features: A personalised map of the British Isles Scratch off the locations you've visited to reveal geographical detail and different colours underneath Top layer is made of silver foil for easy scratching Great for the travelling person in your life Forms a nice visual reminder of exactly where you've been Supplied in a sturdy protective tube Suitable for well-travelled individuals aged 8+ Check out our collection of worldwide Scratch Maps click here. Please note: Frame not included. Size: Dimensions: 46 x 65 x 5.5cm Weight: 112g
The Jelly Bean Pick n' Mix - Multi
The Jelly Bean Pick n' Mix - Multi £9.99
Satisfy your sweet tooth with The Jelly Bean Factory Pick 'n' Mix stand. With nine refillable compartments and 360g of delicious jelly beans included, the set is raring to go. It is the ideal companion to sit on your desk to inspire you in your work, to charm the guests at your next party, or to provide a retro look and a selection of sugary goods to your kitchen. Perfect for both children and adults, this funky pick and mix stand will offer floods of nostalgia and powerful sugar rushes time and time again. - L.R. Features: Jelly Bean Factory Pick 'n' Mix Sweet Stand Nine fold down tubs Comes with a mini scoop, five paper bags and nine starter packs of jelly beans (40g) Refillable compartments allow you to stock up with your favourite sweets Flavours include mango, cola, pear, tangerine, blackberry, blueberry pie, strawberry, sour lemon and candy floss Versatile gift perfect for your desk, kitchen, children's parties and various other occasions Suitable for ages 3+ Size: Dimensions: H:26.5 x W: 17.5 x D: 9.5cm
Sonic the Hedgehog Pixel Bricks
Sonic the Hedgehog Pixel Bricks £9.99
Create your own Sonic model with the Sonic the Hedgehog Pixel Bricks. Featuring 210 pixel bricks for you to assemble, it's the perfect way of spending a rainy afternoon. Complete with a detailed instruction manual to help you along the way, Sonic will stand at a height of 7.6cm once built. - L.M. Features: Sonic the Hedgehog Pixel Bricks 210 pixel bricks for you to assemble Detailed instruction manual Height once built: 7.6cm A great way of spending a rainy afternoon
Parlane Solna Frame - Black/Natural (4  x 6 )
Parlane Solna Frame - Black/Natural (4 x 6 ) £9.95
The 'Solna' photo frame is a testament to the Parlane mission, 'Pure Style. Made Simple', with an understated yet stylish design that complements contemporary interior fashion trends. Crafted from durable MDF, the frame fits 4 x 6 (10cm x 15cm) photographs and makes for a charming gift. - L.R. Features: Parlane 'Solna' Frame in black Made from MDF Simple, stylish design complements contemporary interiors Houses 4 x 6 photographs Size: Dimensions: H: 15 x W: 10cm (Fits 6 x 4 photographs)
Parlane Pillar Wentwood Candle Holder - Natural (200x100mm)
Parlane Pillar Wentwood Candle Holder - Natural (200x100mm) £9.95
Crafted from high-quality wood, the 'Wentwood' pillar candle holder fulfils the Parlane mission to provide 'Pure Style. Made Simple'. Featuring a classic pillar shape and a warm, grainy finish, the candle holder offers a simple, stylish and contemporary home accessory that complements both modern and more traditional interior styles. - L.R. Features: Parlane 'Wentwood' Pillar Candle Holder Made from quality wood Classic pillar shape Warm, grainy finish complements contemporary and classic interiors Size: Dimensions: H: 20 x D: 10cm