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Personalised Birthday Cards from Getting Personal

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Why use Getting Personal for personalised cards? They've taken the whole art of personalised gifts and cards to a new level! They're experts in making the best personalised gifts possible and have a massive range of birthday cards available.
They have cards you can upload photos to, cards you can personalise with messages inside and out, as well as special DVD and CD cards that add a little extra wow to a gift!

Getting Personal Personalised cards range is huge with cards for birthdays, weddings, anniversairies and Christmas and tons of other seasonal times when you need to send a card!
Getting Personal have personalised birthday cards for only £2.99 including free delivery Basic personalised cards start at £2.99 with extra special gift cards being available featuring DVDs and CDs. There is free delivery on cards making it even better!
personalised cards
A personalised card is simple to organise with Getting Personal. You pick the card, decide on the text you want on it, and it arrives through the post quickly and cheaply! The cards are fantastic making it well worth while you taking the time to pick the right one and find the right words to make it special. The feeling a person gets opening a personalised card is amazing! It really does feel so special! It'll be the best birthday card they get and will be the one that gives them the biggest smile and warmest feeling when they look at it. Such a simple way of making someone feel extra special on their birthday.
The price is only £2.99 which is a fantastic price!

The range is amazing and you can upload photos of the person, have their name on the front of the card as well as adding personal greetings inside. This makes them really special and there are hundreds to choose from!