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The perfect gift

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The perfect gift is what we all aim for when we go present shopping. We want our gift to be the very best possible, the one that they will love instantly and squeal with delight as they unwrap! We’d like to give the gift that creates memories that will last a lifetime!

So how do you track down this perfect gift?

You have to put some time and thought into it. It’s almost impossible to get the right gift if you leave it until half an hour before you have to give the gift! That’s why so many people get chocolates and wine as presents! It’s because we are too disorganised to put some advance effort into gift buying.

The key to being organised is planning in advance – ensure you start thinking about birthday gifts at least a couple of weeks beforehand. For bigger birthdays – like 40th celebrations – you might need to plan a couple of months ahead.

Decisions about budget are up to you. Don’t ever go into debt to buy presents though! No birthday is worth getting into debt. If you are skint then explain to the person and make them something personal – or offer to do something for them that they’ll appreciate. For instance you can offer baby sitting services, window cleaning duty, or general house work – as a gift for close friends! It’s something many people would really appreciate and it’s better than wasting money on something that you can’t afford and that they won’t be that impressed with.

One way of giving such a gift is to make a gift certificate yourself. You can do this by printing one out or using your word processing program to make one.